50 Synthesis Essay Topics

April 19, 2019
50 Synthesis Essay Topics

A synthesis essay is an advanced write-up that takes the form of a unique viewpoint of a given theme or a topic. They play a significant role in a student’s academic life since they are unavoidable throughout the educational journey. They are purposely written to connect two or more different works with an ultimate objective of giving support to an original claim. Therefore, professors have adopted synthesis writing strategy as an advanced evaluation criterion to gauge students not only understandability of the subject matter but also how to put the claim into a good context.


However, the concurrent school environment encompassed with a variety of clashing activities such as simultaneous class attendance, and assignment workload hinders student’s concentration. They thus have minimal time to concentrate and learn synthesis writing process to produce quality work. Despite, the exhibitable time crisis, students have been salvaged by the availability of synthesis essay writing assistance providers who have overwhelming expertise needed to write quality essays for them. This relieves students from workload stress and improves their academic performance.

Need a Trick on How to Select the Best Synthesis Essay Topic?

The choice of a topic selected determines the quality of the paper you will produce. Therefore, students are advised to select a familiar topic for their synthesis essay writing. A familiar topic will help you gather the necessary information, sources and relevant ideas needed for the paper. Thus, a familiar topic gives you the ease of knowing the scope of the paper and the theme required. For a student to produce a quality essay, they must evaluate their potential for the topic selected and gauge whether the understandability of the topic coincides with the context and the theme of the paper. If YES, they have what it takes to go ahead and select the topic since familiarity helps in producing a quality paper that conveys the message well using English proficiency and ensure the coherence of sentences to bring out the theme of the paper.

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Here Is a List of Synthesis Essay Topics We Have Generated for You

An essay selected confirms that you have the potential to understand and produce the paper as the professor instructs. Therefore, when choosing a topic to work on, ensure the topic you choose is simple and easy to research and find the information necessary for the task. Below are some of the relevant topics within the synthesis essay sphere

  • Taxation policy and its economic implications to the country
  • Reasons why the federal government should legalize marijuana
  • Impacts of America going to war with North Korea
  • Implications of depending on devices
  • The outcome of parents negligence to child predators
  • Disadvantages of lowering the drinking age from 21 to 16
  • Advantages of emphasizing standard exam scores
  • The rationale for America to stop Germany from making nuclear weapons
  • Consequences of letting teen make decisions for themselves
  • Importance of fashion in colleges
  • Justifications why robots are out of control
  • Upshots of media on disputes
  • Merits of banning college smoking
  • The implication of age importance in a relationship
  • Importance of mobile phones in curbing crimes
  • The dangerous side of e-cigarettes
  • Grounds as to why paternity leave should be given to men
  • Importance of government controlling our diet
  • Properties as to why 18 years is most appropriate dating age
  • Inducements why pageants are exploitative
  • The argument why learners should evaluate their professor’s tutoring
  • Grounds why Condom access curbs pregnancy
  • Sports participation and its implications in curbing teen’s mental anxiety
  • Grounds why scoring standard marks correspond to the competency level of a learner
  • Reasons why school admission has become very competitive
  • The cost of college cost nowadays
  • Significant accounts on how election policies are biased
  • Merits of illegalizing importation
  • Benefits of stopping support aids to unfortunate countries
  • Evidence of how culture has killed modernization
  • Islamic religion and its influence on terrorism
  • Advantages of airing televisions programs less frequently
  • Accounts on how media promote immorality
  • Police influence in promoting racial profiling
  • Reasons why racism exists
  • Implications of letting women work directly on construction sites
  • Justification of how government influences poverty
  • Lack of credibility and its subsequent effects to Presidential election
  • Implications of education towards economic stability
  • Stress and its subsequent influence on depression
  • Justifications why cyberbullying exits
  • Implications of legalizing abortion
  • Importance of civil disobedience towards fighting an extortive government
  • Benefits of the federal government changing the gun laws
  • The 2nd amendment and its subsequent effects on increases violence
  • Reasons why museums are an important aspect of economy building
  • Police arbitrary search laws and its implications to combating drug and crimes
  • Positive effects of allowing children below 16 years to work
  • The implication of lowering the driving age
  • Overdependence on technology and its subsequent effects

The topics mentioned above play a significant role in giving an insight into what a synthesis people entails. It is a two or more sided paper that requires an evaluation of different claims through synthesis and supports a claim significantly.

Synthesis Essay Questions You May Come Across

An excellent synthesis essay paper supports a certain claim which helps in bringing out the theme of the paper. Therefore, a student is advised to choose a position to support through a series of claims in a bid to bring out the scope and theme of the paper. Below are some of the synthesis questions.

  • How does airing television frequently affect society?
  • What are the positive and negative effects of lowering the drinking age?
  • Are we able to do our duties without using technology?
  • What are the positive and negative implications of lowering the driving age?
  • Have you witnessed an instance of racism in the last six months?
  • What are the effects of changing gun laws?
  • Do you think America can survive without importing goods?
  • What is the importance of teen participation in sports
  • What do you think may result if college smoking is banned?
  • What are the implications of America going to war with North Korea?

This set of questions provides a framework through which a writer may found information for a synthesis essay writing. For example, choosing a position by answering the set of questions helps to support one side of a claim by overwhelmingly showing its relevance in supporting the theme.

Synthesis Essay Ideas Promoting Relevant Topic Selection

Students are urged to exhibit quality synthesis essay writing by gathering relevant information necessary for selecting a relevant topic that will give you ease to research and write. Some of the relevant ideas are as follows

  • Effects of smoking on unborn children
  • Effects of gun control to combating crime
  • Implications of social media to social well-being
  • How the police influence racial profiling
  • How culture affects modernization

Mentioned-Above ideas play a significant role in the generation of synthesis essay topics that are easy to understand, research, and write.

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