30 Scholarship Essay Topics

April 15, 2019
30 Scholarship Essay Topics

A scholarship essay is a piece of writing that requires a writer to write about a personal experience or an achievement. Although in high school and college, students are often required to write about their own experiences that relate to the topic chosen for them, in most cases, you are given freedom to decide what you like.


How to Select the Best Scholarship Essay Topic? Points to Consider

Choosing the topic of your scholarship essay, organizing your material as well as knowing the structure will go a very long way to ensure that you have an easy time writing one. Having the right content at your disposal can only be achieved when you also have the right mindset.

List of Scholarship Essay Topics for a Higher Score

Do not go picking on any event that you think you can relate to your story, and this will make your essay boring. A scholarship essay should, however, be interesting and captivating to your reader. Here are a few examples.

  • How I got an A in high school
  • The toughest decision I have ever made
  • My best friend lived in Newtown
  • How I arouse from dust to gold
  • The best day in my youthful life
  • The teacher who taught me minimalism
  • What I like about Mars
  • Why I choose medicine and surgery
  • The only reason I am not dead
  • What my teenage life taught me
  • The best music I have ever made
  • How I manage my time
  • The most significant person in my life
  • The lesson I learned the hard way
  • The best deal I have ever made online
  • How I got out of prison
  • My life as a dancer
  • My best Hollywood character
  • The best movie of my life
  • Why I stopped watching football
  • The reason I fly
  • The best summer games I enjoy
  • How to get the best grade in high school
  • Why I keep fit as a young man
  • Why I read motivational books
  • How I wrote my first play
  • The best seller novel you never heard
  • Why I like winter
  • The most dreadful disease I Healed
  • Why I will always involve myself in politics

Some of the Best Scholarship Essay Questions to Use When Writing

Here are some questions you might want to have a look. These questions are great as you will need to answer them in your interview. Writing about them, will for sure, amaze the vetting team.

  • How your study of a particular course will help you achieve your career goals?
  • What are the significant benefits of your course to society?
  • What are some of the essential issues in your course?
  • Why do you think you should get a chance to study at your university of choice?
  • Why did you apply for the scholarship?
  • What is your primary goal in life?
  • What would you charge in the world if allowed?
  • What will your industry of interest look like in ten years?
  • What do you like about your school of choice?
  • What is your primary drive and source of motivation?

Easy Scholarship Essay Ideas for Students

Let us see what you can write. Bear in mind, you can also decide to write a fiction story, it is mostly accepted, but consult with your admission officer.

  • Some accomplishments you have had in the past. Yes, your achievement, however, small might count as it will show what you are capable of doing.
  • A difficult decision or situation you were in in the past, as much as you cannot disclose how difficult writing this scholarship essay was, you can always choose a past event and write an article on how you handled the situation.
  • What you are passionate about, writing about your likes, whether a hobby, interest books you like or just a pet. That is also another great idea.
  • Your friends and their experiences, it is not always about you, sometimes your friends, family or a colleague might be just fine. However, make sure it is someone worth mentioning.
  • Fiction: do not fear writing about your fantasies, just ensure you consult with the admissions committee as sometimes this is not accepted.

We finally hand over the mantle to you. Now that you are equipped to write your narrative essay go ahead and begin. Do you think you can’t? We understand you might not have the skill to do so and reading a post will not turn you to a pro. Why not give us the task. We have your back covered by our team of scholarship essay writers ready to take up the role anytime. Call us now!