50 Reflective Essay Topics

April 19, 2019
50 Reflective Essay Topics

With a reflective essay, the professor expects you to give experiences and explain the lessons that you drew from the events in the story. You have to look deeply at yourself and the experiences that you have heard before you begin the work. The quality of your essay is dependent on the specific experience you choose to give your narration about.


Sources of Reflective Essay Ideas

Regardless of where you live or how you live, there are those things that you have done; someone has done to you or the experiences that you have had that can give great ideas for the reflective essay expected from you. Some of the sources of ideas you should consider include:

  • A reflection of yourself

You can decide to focus on yourself and the things that affect you specifically. In such a case, you can have an essay on your fears, your areas of strength or weaknesses, how you overcame a difficulty that you have been through or an embarrassing situation and how it affected you.

  • Write about a place you visited

There are several places you have gone to that you would want to write about. It could be a trip to a desert or a place where you experienced difficulties.

  • The adversities you have faced

There are those unpleasant experiences that you have been through. You can have an essay on how you dealt with that situation.

  • A new experience or place

There are those things that you did for the first time, and they are still in your memory. It could be your first day in school, a place you experienced a new culture or when you met your close relatives the first time

Wondering How to Select the Best Reflective Essay Topic? Get Tips Here

Though students love it when they have the freedom to select their topics, sometimes you may become confused about how to go about it. On the other hand, if the instructor issues a question, you feel restricted. Learning to choose your topic is an important skill in writing.

The first consideration is to select a topic within your area of study. It has to be a topic that is interesting to you. If you are not impressed with anything you think about, try reading essays written by other people. They can trigger your brain to generate creative ideas. Secondly, you need to assess the chosen topic to determine its scope. Avoid topics that are too broad since it is hard to determine the specific information that can tackle them completely. In this case, choose an experience that you can recall the sequence of the events that took place and exactly how you felt about what happened. Most importantly, choose an interesting event. That way, you find it easy to write, and the readers also find it attractive.

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Inspiring List of Reflective Essay Topics

Do you want to showcase just how creative you are when it comes to writing? Then you have to select a good topic that you can base your discussion on. Here is a list of interesting 50 topics that can guide you as you make your topic choice:

  • A candid conversation with a journalist of repute
  • The most disappointing experience I have ever had
  • The moment I noticed I was actually in love
  • An interesting meeting with family members
  • The most embarrassing moment
  • A confrontation with parents
  • The day you were unfairly punished
  • The moment you cried the most
  • The childhood experience of playing with friends
  • The best help you ever gave someone
  • A most memorable family reunion
  • A special trip with loved ones
  • The first public speaking experience
  • The scariest experience you have had
  • My first heartbreaking experience
  • The biggest quarrel you have ever had with siblings
  •  The friendship I cherish the most
  • The people that have had the hugest impact in my life
  • What I have been told that hurt me the most
  • The traits that make it easy for people to trust you
  • The experiences that are hard to share with people
  • The first experience on the first trip abroad
  •  The most uncomfortable place visited
  • The worst place I visited
  •  The most memorable mountaineering experience
  • My favorite mall for shopping
  •  A vacation location that I enjoyed the most
  • Watching a horror movie with your friends
  • My first romantic date experience
  • Experiencing an earthquake for the first time
  • The things that motivate you
  • Experiences that made you happy
  • The day you worked under pressure
  • The criticism that changed the way I view myself
  • The decision I made when under pressure
  • A Visit to the museum
  • The worst power black-out experience
  • A surprise party in the neighborhood I attended
  • A concert you attended
  • A memorable church service
  • My experience in a new job
  • Lessons from my engagement party
  • The day I lost directions
  • The most interesting sporting activity I watched
  • The unexpected gift
  • The best meal
  • Your worst experience when unwell
  • The nightmare experience
  • My experience in the hands of robbers
  • The day you had to skip school

A list of 10 Reflective Essay Questions

You are likely to encounter many questions. The list below is a representation of what you can come across:

  • What was the childhood experience that made you change the way you view people?
  • When was the day you realized you could make good decisions?
  • Explain the day you felt proud of yourself
  • How has education changed you?
  • When did you realize your full potential?
  • How did you recover from a setback?
  • Which movie left you impressed in life?
  • What events made you know the true character of your friends?
  • Describe the day you were caught up in a heavy downpour
  • How did you recover after losing valuable possession?

Essay Ideas to Consider for a Good Paper

Below some ideas that can help you come up with a good topic.

  • A life changing experience
  • A memorable place you visited
  • Food that reminds you of something
  • An interesting outdoor activity
  • The best gift you ever received

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