Unique Criteria for Selecting Problem and Solution Essay Topics

August 14, 2019

Selecting a good problem and solution essay topics can be difficult when proper guidance is not provided. Before choosing a topic, it is relevant to understand the type of work you are dealing with. For the case of problem-solution assignments, writers are expected to write and evaluate the provided topic. Problem identification necessitates a solution proposal, which should be the vital purpose of the assignment you are dealing with.

This type of work is also known as an argumentative essay, whereby a student purposes to solve some problems evident in society. In the assignment, a writer should focus on writing to win the hearts of the readers since specific and vital issues are identified and solved according to the best interests of the society. In this article, we shall discuss various topics for problem and solution essay you can choose from, including the means of how such assignments are written.

When writing problem and solution papers, you need to:

  • Select a good topic

Try to focus on a pending problem that bothers you and others mostly. Such problems might be evident in churches, clubs, communities, or other general areas. In topic selection, make a list of the issues in the selected group of areas and interact with the group to learn more about them.

  • Solution

The second step is finding ways to mitigate the pending issue. The recommended solutions should be understandable and concrete for the reader to fully solve their pending problems. Even if your proposed remedy calls for a series of actions and steps to be followed, ensure that you outline them in a logical order.

  • Main assignment outline

Now that the content has been gotten concentrate on how you will incorporate these ideas on paper. The content should follow a specific format, i.e. the basic format of the introduction, body, and conclusion. This format can be applied to most of the easy problem and solution essay topics in this article.

In the introduction section, ensure to state and clearly define the problems. After that, provide a rationale as to why a solution should be recommended for the pending issue. To effectively build the thesis of your assignment, aim to be creative by providing a storyline, which can be your personal story, event well-remembered, among other special memories.

In the body section, provide concrete solutions to convince the mind of the reader. The number of paragraphs to be included depends on the points you aim to include in your essay. To fully convince the reader, provide evidence of how the solution worked for other people and the probability of the same solutions working for you.

In the conclusion section, writers should focus on promising the reader that their problems will be solved using the proposed solutions. Strengthen your rationale by providing statistics on how the problem is relevant and how the solution worked in the community. Lastly, complete your problem and solution paper with a call to action statement showing your assurance about the working of your solution.

Interesting Problem and Solution Essay Topics for Your End Term Exams

Are looking for remarkable college problem and solution essay topics to write? Here are some of the best examples based on specific assignments:

Relationship assignments

  • Affective ways to administer therapy on stressed individuals
  • Absence of proper community among people living together
  • How to end drug addiction
  • Can healthy relationships be maintained?
  • What happens when a partner is depressed?
  • Influences of peer pressure
  • Factors affecting divorce and how to curb the rising cases of divorce
  • The effects of switching off phones for married couples
  • Influences of social media use on children under the age of 14
  • What are the consequences of broken relations?
  • Influence of bad choices on an individual

Campus life

  • How to make college life affordable
  • What are the best part-time jobs for college students?
  • How to cope up with stressful dorm mates
  • Effects of having misunderstanding relationships
  • How to shape yourself up for college life
  • What are the means of preventing radicalization among campus students?
  • Why have the instances of racism increased, and how can college students minimize them?
  • Why are students partying hard during the weekends, and how can that influence their performance in school?
  • What are the dangers of taking drugs while studying?
  • Can copying exams be stopped, and what are their influences?
  • Why cultural diversity is important, and what are the dangers of not embracing this culture in school?

Sports assignments

  • What are the best ways in which women can be treated fairly without discrimination or sexual harassment?
  • Why conflicts arise in football society and what are the ways in which these problems can be resolved?
  • What are other alternative career choices for athletes other than coaching?
  • What are the current problems faced by sports journalists, and how can these issues be solved?

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Easy Problem and Solution Essay Topics for College Students

There are a lot of good topics for a problem and solution essay to choose from. As for business and sociology students, here are some of the topics to write on.

Social problems

  • Why is illegal immigration increasing, and how can this issue be resolved?
  • How can the community increase literacy among its people?
  • How can sexual harassment be avoided in schools?
  • Why do relationship matters end up is suicidal commission, and how can this behavior be minimized?
  • Why urban areas are mostly populated, and how can people are distributed to other places?
  • Why is transgender embraced?
  • Should Christian women be forced to wear hijabs in Muslim environments?
  • Should same-sex marriages be legalized?
  • Should the government impose more taxes on rich people?

Business assignments

  • What are the causes of increased rates of unemployment in many countries?
  • Cases of foreclosures and applicability of various laws imposed by the government
  • Can disputes be minimized in the workforce?
  • Should employees join union groups to avoid being exploited by their employers?
  • How can the government prevent the increased cases of child labor?
  • Importance of globalization and problems faced by businesses depending on local markets
  • Should the government intervene in cases of students not being protected against harassment before accessing education loans?

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