75 Political Science Essay Topics

April 19, 2019
75 Political Science Essay Topics

Political science is the study that deals with researching, analyzing and discussing political events and situations to gain a solid understanding of how they affect the social and economic lives of people.


In political science classes, there is usually a myriad of issues commonly studied by students. These are the influence of politics on the economy, race, gender, sexuality, religion, medicine, health, trade, education, unemployment, poverty, war, international relations, environmental conservation, and many other issues.

A student of political science is supposed to study all these issues and gain a lesson from past historical occurrences. The lessons are supposed to assist the student in getting amicable solutions to avoid a repeat of such situations in the future. The knowledge also helps in formulating policies that can aid in making current situations better as well as the formulation of sound governance systems.

Do You Have a Trick on How to Select the Best Political Science Essay Topic?

To get ideas on how to select the best topics for a political science paper, you need to be highly aware of current world events. For this reason, you should constantly read magazines, newspapers and watch the news. To gain insight into the past, read historical books, journals, and articles written by past historians. Pay keen attention to your history class lessons, and you can even request your tutor for assistance in choosing a topic.

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A List of Political Science Essay Topics for Excellent Papers

The following topics in political science are common in the major assignment and standard tests:

  • The general approaches to studying political science
  • The history of political science
  • The theory of postmodernism
  • Neo-institutionalism
  • The concept of systemism
  • The concept of rationality and rational choice
  • The principal-agent theory
  • Political psychology
  • Straussians
  • Structural functionalism and systems theory
  • Modernization and political development
  • The concept of statism
  • Dependency and development
  • Causes and consequences of civil wars
  • Roots of terrorism
  • Political and military coups
  • Effects of ethnic conflict
  • Influence of political parties on the political landscape
  • Electoral systems of the USA and UK.
  • Resource scarcity and political conflict
  • Unitary systems, federalism, and confederalism
  • Federalism and parliamentarism
  • Comparative judicial politics
  • Civil society
  • Religion and comparative politics
  • Identity politics and ethnicity
  • Social movements
  • Gender and politics
  • Authoritarianism totalitarianism
  • The concept of semi-authoritarianism
  • The various models of democracy
  • The process of democratization
  • Comparative methods
  • Realism and neorealism
  • The ideologies of liberalism and idealism
  • World-systems and dependency
  • foreign policy analysis
  • feminist international relations
  • the concept of decision making and leadership
  • Conflict, rivalry, and interstate war.
  • the theory of Democratic Peace
  • Global politics of Rentierism and Resources
  • Complex globalization and interdependence.
  • International trade and political economy.
  • The role of non-state actors in international relations.
  • International organizations and regimes.
  • The role of international law.
  • Global environmental politics.
  • Ancient political thought.
  • Asian political thought.
  • Islamic political thought.
  • Christian political thought
  • Classical and modern liberals.
  • Neoclassical liberals.
  • Modern democratic thought
  • Modern conservatism, liberalism, and
  • The concept of anarchism.
  • Advantages of nationalism.
  • Fascism and national socialism
  • Benefits and drawbacks of Marxism
  • Similarities and differences between social democracy and revisionism.
  • Communism, Leninism, Stalinism, and Maoism.
  • Socialism within the developing world.
  • The American political system
  • Urban politics
  • Media and politics
  • S Congress
  • The U.S presidency
  • The Judicial politics of America
  • American bureaucracy
  • Pluralism and interest groups
  • American federalism
  • The political parties of America
  • Local government state governments
  • Public policy and administration

Political Science Essay Questions on the Contemporary World

The following is a list of possible questions a modern political science student can encounter:

  • What are the different studies in current political science?
  • What is your view of government employees?
  • What is the effectiveness of government bureaucracies?
  • What is the difference between freedom and liberty?
  • Discuss the influence of the American hegemony
  • What is the meaning of an open society?
  • What is the concept of political advertising?
  • Discuss the function of political consultants
  • Describe the interconnectedness between politics and film
  • What is the influence of public opinion?

Here are Some Political Science Essay Ideas to Consider

The following list can give you essay ideas to assist you in writing your political science paper:

  • The need for more gun control laws
  • The debate about the death penalty
  • Whether north and south Korea should reunite
  • The need for a united fight against racism
  • Social media and citizen reporting

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