75 Persuasive Essay Topics

April 19, 2019
75 Persuasive Essay Topics

This is an essay where the writer identifies an issue and tries to convince the readers to buy on the opinion by using facts. The facts should be original and logical. The most significant role of a persuasive essay is to convince and persuade the reader into your point of view.


Ensure you involve thorough research since you will need the facts to convince the readers. Some will be defensive so that you will need them for your good expression in writing. The essay allows you to demonstrate your ideas to be valid before the audience.

A Guide on How to Select the Best Persuasive Essay Topic?

It can be a thrilling experience writing a persuasive essay. The essay allows you to give your own opinion about an issue based on researched facts. As the writer, you can write on anything you want. However, even with the freedom of selecting your topic, it can still be hard to write. It is not always the idea of being able to write but how to settle on a topic and support with facts.

So many topics are available on the internet to choose.  However, the trick is being able to select the best that you can support to the end. Regardless of you being unable to choose the best topic, you must write your persuasive essay. All the same, you shouldn’t worry since we have these guidelines to help you settle on a topic.

  • Avoid over thinking

You should not think so much of the topic you want to pick. This is in the sense that, do not worry about whether your readers will like it or not. You are supposed to convince them to do so. Everybody holds a different opinion on something, and it is hard to know everybody’s opinion. Just settle on the topic you will be comfortable to defend with facts.

  • Are you passionate about it?

Everybody likes to defend wholeheartedly what they are passionate in. What do you like, sports or politics? Settle on a topic it would take all your energy to research. Do not pick on a topic out of excitement. Allow yourself to think straight.

  • Let it be current

What is trendy at the moment? Always open-minded. If you like sports, what is trending on the sports news? Make sure you are up to date with everything you want. All in all, ensure you pick a topic you can confidently defend without reservations.

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A 75 List of Persuasive Essay Topics

The following is a list of good essay topics that might help shade some light for you when writing your essay. The topics are randomly picked from different subjects.

  • Boys and girls should have separate classrooms
  • The provision of healthy diets to kids is the responsibility of their parents
  • Youths should embrace entrepreneurship
  • The government should encourage the use of natural gases
  • Should street children be treated fairly by law?
  • Drought and famine should be handled as national disasters
  • The perpetrators of Child labor should be punished mercilessly.
  • God cannot be compared to anything or anyone.
  • The universe is spherical.
  • Dogs are more loyal than cats
  • Better healthcare is a requirement by all humans.
  • How to look productive without doing anything in reality
  • Most people prefer urban life
  • Should gays be given an equal say as anyone else?
  • Without war and politics, the world be a better place
  • Miami is the best beach in the world.
  • Brazilians play entertaining football.
  • Should homosexuality be legalized in every country?
  • Adopting street children is the best to help them.
  • Christianity is now used as a business.
  • Women deserve an equal share of all opportunities.
  • Writers should be certified before writing commercially.
  • Why should you visit Africa for its cultural preservation?
  • Social media has limited human interactions.
  • Entrepreneurship is the only hope for economic growth.
  • Men should stand strong for their women
  • You should be organized if you are to be an entrepreneur
  • Doctors are a blessing to this generation.
  • Girls grow faster than boys
  • Why weed should be legalized
  • Drivers should avoid talking on the phone while driving
  • The government should foster on increasing the minimum pay
  • Everybody is free to practice their religion
  • Sports has contributed to the unity of the world
  • Democracy is not in all countries
  • Why plastic products should be banned.
  • The rich should help the poor.
  • Wildlife should be protected
  • Eating more fruits can protect you from frequent illnesses
  • Drink fresh juice than to take in alcohol
  • Should women be given the same treatment in male-dominated professions?
  • Children should be allowed to vote from 15 years of age
  • Drinking should be restricted to pregnant women
  • Maintaining a clean environment is the responsibility of everyone.
  • Meat is a great source of protein
  • We are the enemy to our environment
  • Religion is overrated
  • Drugs should be legalized but regulated
  • Junk foods as a danger to our health
  • Why are bananas essential to our breathing system?
  • Driving while sober is safety
  • Most government officials are corrupt
  • Men like alcohol more than women
  • Depression affects more men than women
  • Money is the beginning of all evil
  • Students should be encouraged to do business
  • Vampires are fictional
  • Pink is a color for ladies
  • Men are the real gossipers of our time
  • The USA is the most powerful state in the world.
  • Home chores should only be done by female siblings
  • Being famous limits your freedom
  • Why Shakespeare was not the best poet
  • Learning a foreign language should be mandatory for all students
  • Sports should be enhanced more for talent development
  • Sisters are fun to be with than brothers
  • Why thrillers are more entertaining than horror movies
  • We should all plant trees in our compounds
  • Exercises are good for children’s body health.
  • The government should be ruthless on female genital mutilation
  • Terrorists should be hanged once caught.
  • Laptops are more efficient than desktops
  • Children should be protected from child abuse
  • Street children are more exposed to deadly diseases than any other.
  • Parents have neglected their children for careers.

An Important List of Persuasive Essay Questions

The following is a short list of essay questions. Have a look:

  • Should parents put careers first before their domestic responsibilities?
  • Is football the most popular game in the world?
  • Would it be better to test university students on particular skills before graduation?
  • Do you think politics have been the cause of all wars in the world?
  • Should free education be introduced to all public universities?
  • Should detaining suspects be abolished without a proper trial?
  • Do you think it is wise to go into business with relatives?
  • Should children under the age of 15 be banned from using Facebook?
  • Should importing of products available in the country be abolished?
  • How do elections affect us?

Some of the Persuasive Essay Ideas

Developing a good essay and setting the direction of the essay needs a good idea that will guide you. Here are some of them:

  • Fashion
  • International relations
  • Education
  • Technology
  • Ethics

In case you cannot write the persuasive essay on your own, you have no reason to worry. Most students cannot get it right since it has a particular format which experts follow when writing. We can write a high-quality essay for you at an affordable rate. Buy persuasive essay online with us now!