50 Personal Essay Topics

April 19, 2019
50 Personal Essay Topics

When you are assigned a personal essay task, your objective should be to get an essay of high quality. Therefore, you should devote your time and come up with the most suitable topic. This way, you make your work easier right from the start. Students often feel overwhelmed when they have a long list of topics, and they do not have an idea of what may work for them. They may spend many hours brainstorming and creating endless lists only to select the wrong topic again.


Choosing a good topic is important because it is what first attracts the readers to your content. People are driven by their first impression. If your title does not motivate them to read the rest of the content, they can easily dismiss your work. The same thing applies when you prepare an essay for your professor. You can be judged to be incompetent based on the common topic you choose. Fortunately, there are tips and ideas that can make your topic choice process easier.

The first step is to brainstorm carefully. That way, you can easily understand your interests and the things that excite you and can easily write on. However, you should be careful so that you do not pick on obvious stories that everyone else knows about.

After you pick on the topic, review it again to determine if it is suitable. If there is anything you feel you need to change, do so before you begin writing because you do not want to get stuck in the middle of the work. That can waste your time.

Attractive Personal Essay Ideas You Can Consider

You need to choose the best topic. This is why you have to use the best ideas. There are several things that you can consider:

  • Your personal experiences
  • Experiences of other people
  • What other people have written about
  • Interesting stories you have heard
  • What you feel strongly about

Struggling with How to Select the Best Personal Essay Topic?

With a personal essay, you can write on a wide variety of topics. Settling on the best topic may not be easy. First, have a list of topic that you can write on. It is easier to select the most suitable topic when you already have several probable subjects. First, select a topic that you have the strongest feelings on. With such a topic, you can easily write on the events in question.

Moreover, select a topic that you are sure you can remember the sequence of events of what happened that day. This helps you write fast and make your story more credible and believable. Having a disjointed story is inappropriate. You make the professor know that there is nothing you know about the narration. Consequently, you are awarded a low grade.

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A Detailed List of Personal Essay Topics to Choose From

The topics below touch on most areas of life. If you are wondering the topic that you should select, get the list you can make your selection from:

  • A life lesson you learned from someone else
  • The night you will never forget
  • Your most memorable moment in college
  • The most memorable birthday celebration
  • Your childhood career ambitions
  • The first experience of failure in life
  • The things that excite you
  • The songs that influence how you live
  • The time you were embarrassed
  • The challenges you have faced as a social media user
  • A visit to the museum
  • A day everything went wrong
  • Memorable events with family members
  • Weird things people have done to you
  • You best trip experience
  • The memories of your first date
  • You experience with your first cell phone
  • The first talent audition you attended
  • The day you broke a bad habit
  • The day you learned a new skill
  • Your experience with depression
  • Something you are not proud of
  • The day you had to apologize
  • My dream as a 1-million-dollar lottery winner
  •  The experiences that make you want to start your life all over again
  • The year you would wish to relive
  • Your skiing experience
  • The book that influenced how you live
  • The worst experience you had with your professor
  • The dream that finally became a reality
  • A failure experienced and how you handled it
  • The biggest disappointment you have had in life
  • The stranger that had a huge impact in your life
  • Someone who changed your beliefs completely
  •  The worst friendship break-up you have experienced
  • Your first rejection and how you handled it
  • The worst misunderstanding you have ever had
  • The quarrel with the best friend
  • The most confusing decision you had to make
  • The day you had to demonstrate you are brave
  • The day you felt betrayed by your friend
  • The time your parent felt proud of you
  • The day you changed someone’s life
  • The worst loss you have ever had in life
  • The day Harsh words said by someone you trust broke you down
  • An experience that made you feel you should start your life all over again
  • The book that made you cry
  • The choice you still regret about today
  • The saddest news you delivered
  • Your community service experience

The Probable Personal Essay Questions You Can Get

This is a list of essay questions that you are likely to encounter in the course of your college life. They should give your insight into what you may encounter:

  • What is the best experience you have ever had with your friends?
  • Explain the Awkward experience you have had
  • What is the most disappointing thing you experienced in college?
  • What was the fake news that you almost believed?
  • Describe the day you had to cry in public
  • Describe the day you had to perform under pressure
  • What annoyed you when in school?
  • Explain the best advice you have ever received
  • Why do you love spending time with friends?
  • Describe your experience in an unknown town

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