75 Narrative Essay Topics: a Students Handbook

April 15, 2019
75 Narrative Essay Topics

Ever wanted to write a narrative essay, but do not know where to begin? It might look quite essay to narrate an unfolding of events, but that might not be enough. That is sure because a narrative essay requires more than mere storytelling.


How to Select the Best Narrative Essay Topic? And What You Need To Know

Choosing the best topic will do a significant effect you the final grade. For this, caution should be taken not to pick on a wrong one. Also, remember that the best topics are already with you. For a starter, you can decide to write even about your personal experiences or an event that happened in your life.  Don’t believe me; let us see some available options.

A List of Narrative Essay Topics You Can Pick From

Now that you are ready to write let us see what you can write. Here are a few topics you can consider. Remember the best subject can only come from you, and you can take our ideas and see how you can use them to create your topics. Otherwise, let us get started.

  • What made me drop out of high school
  • The teacher who made me hate mathematics
  • Why I will never smoke again
  • A lesson from my one-year daughter
  • What happened to my mother-in-law?
  • How I used computer knowledge to escape prison
  • My life in a jail cell
  • Marijuana and what I can tell you from my own experience
  • What you need to know about my teenage years
  • What education should be like
  • What went wrong with my brain surgery
  • How I became an amputee
  • The speech that made me student leader
  • What motivated me to be a better person
  • Why I love politics
  • How I discovered my talent in music
  • How football has changed my health
  • Why I do not swim in public swimming pools
  • The best day of my teenage life
  • My first kiss
  • Why I will always hate French foods
  • The best day of my childhood
  • The worst day of my education life
  • Why I will never eat candy again
  • My mother’s dress she will never throw
  • Why my dad loves my sister more than me
  • Why I will never vote for Mr. Trump again
  • The best national basketball team in my life
  • My dreams versus my realities
  • The most shocking truth you must know from me
  • The speech that changed my mind about alcoholics
  • A book that changed my mind on same-sex marriage
  • Why I can see in the dark
  • Getting the best out of my holiday
  • How I knew how to play the piano
  • What made my figures itch when playing the guitar?
  • My journey to self-awareness
  • The most challenging sum I ever did in my college years
  • How I trained to discipline my self
  • What I always do in the morning as a routine
  • What I think about my future
  • How learning technology transformed my life
  • The best trip I made to Mars
  • What my teacher told me that made me change my dreams
  • What my father taught me about money
  • How I got admitted to the college of my choice
  • How I make my former schoolmates change schools
  • The best meal I have ever made in my life
  • What I learned about Africa on my tour to Egypt
  • The most awesome day to make a marriage proposal
  • What you need to know when marrying someone like me
  • Why I cannot play football and why I still love it
  • The best Friday in my life
  • The easiest exam I did in high school
  • Why I love geography
  • The best day I went fishing with my dad
  • The longest phone call I have made in my life
  • Why I love taking a walk in our local park
  • Why I do not drink alcohol anymore
  • How I almost died of epilepsy while in highs cool
  • The best friend I will ever have in college
  • Why I do not contribute to charities
  • Helping my best friend join college
  • My best friend in childhood
  • My pet
  • How my father discovered my talents and abilities
  • The only trip I will never forget
  • How I got my master’s degree in less than two years
  • Why I hate rap music
  • How I got addicted to social media
  • What I don’t like about my life in college
  • How I got away with stealing in childhood
  • What made me believe in God
  • How I learned how to drive
  • What I think is the future

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Narrative Essay Questions to Ask When Writing

Another approach is to pose a question. That can give you ideas on what to write if you do not find any of the above topics interesting. Let’s find out;

  • Do you have an idea worth sharing?
  • Do you have a unique experience?
  • Have you ever met someone worth writing about?
  • Have you been to a historical site you can write about?
  • Do you have someone special who you love?
  • Do you often regret a choice in your life you can tell about?
  • Do you have a person you hate? And Why?
  • Can you give a reason why you like something?
  • Do you have a talent or ability you can talk about?
  • Do you have a thought or an idea that you think can help change the world?

Narrative Essay Ideas: What You Can Write About

Are you still feeling like you have no idea about what you can write? Here is a list of some ideas:

  • Write about your experiences; tell about what you have gone through or someone close to you. It is effortless as it is something you can remember quickly without much effort.
  • Your childhood: what about telling us who you were ten years ago? We do not know and would not mind listening. Of course, you too have no right turn of events and can lie but who cares. As long as your essay is interesting
  • Your schooling years: another great idea is to narrate your schooling experience. Let us know where you went to study, how was life there and what did you learn apart from achieving a certificate?
  • Your relationships; whether your mother, best friend or the significant other, it is excellent telling us how you live socially. That can also help you think about your character and the people you make friends
  • Your interests; not everyone like telling about what they are interested in instead, what they like. However, write what you are passionate about, and that can inspire your reader

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