30 Marketing Essay Topics

May 14, 2019

Many business students experience challenges when it comes to composing papers. These essays are normally concerned with discovering consumer needs and addressing them. There are also aspects of management involved in the subject. Some have poor writing aptitudes, and whenever they try to compose a paper, they end up with poorly written content. This makes them perform poorly.


Other students do not know how to formulate a thesis statement properly. This causes confusion during the writing process as most of the ideas will lack a correlation ship with the central statement.

When a student does not create an outline for the paper, it becomes difficult to begin the composition. They get lost on how to begin the essay. To effectively write a paper, you need a good outline that guides you in the whole process.

Need a Secret on How to Select the Best Marketing Essay Topic?

To select a good topic for your paper, you need first to identify a suitable business model. To find one, you can use your observation, or you can consult sources of information such as the internet, newspapers and many more. You must also undertake thorough research about the business you want to market. Try to find out what consumers want and need. This shall help you gain a clear picture of how you can precisely address the problem.

Here Is a List of Marketing Essay Topics to Consider

Below is a good list of topics you could use in your marketing composition

  • Pharmaceutical ethics and marketing
  • Strategies for measuring customer satisfaction
  • Effects of gender differences on family purchasing decisions
  • Factors influencing the various levels of impulse buying
  • The use of social media in marketing
  • Impacts of brand extensions on brand personality
  • The utility of the Black Friday sales and their benefits in terms of marginal revenue
  • The uses and benefits of sending birthday wishes and coupons on a brand
  • A discussion on market segmentation
  • The relationship between marketing research, consumer knowledge as well as business sales.
  • A discussion on telemarketing
  • Discuss the effects of the recession on marketing activities
  • The different attitudes people have towards direct advertisements
  • How tablets and smartphones can be utilized to tap into consumer mentalities.
  • The usability of websites and their impacts on marketing
  • An analysis of relationship marketing
  • The role of leadership within a marketing team.
  • Customer loyalty programs as marketing instruments
  • Factors that affect scientist’s/educationalist responses to the registration of patents
  • The correlation between consumer internal usage practices, and the awareness of internal marketing.
  • Factors that affect negative and positive word of mouth within the restaurant industry
  • Baby products and maternity marketing
  • The consequences of occupational status on women’s food purchasing habits and cooking mannerisms
  • Effects of self-placement of behavioral buying products on their revenues.
  • Strategies of market entry within emerging markets through the use of country of origin information.
  • Determination and analysis of consumer buying behavior for a given product
  • The impact of family orientation on marketing communications
  • Characteristics buyers lookout for a while when making an online purchase.
  • A study into methods used by corporates in applying standardization.
  • Methods used by financial institutions in differentiating goods and services based on social status.

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Examples of Marketing Essay Questions

The following are some of the questions a student is likely to encounter in his/her marketing essay:

  • How to organizations apply corporate social responsibility in the reinforcement of brand equity?
  • Are customers well equipped in protecting themselves from targeted marketing strategies?
  • What are the projected internet marketing trends for the future?
  • How do marketing tactics vary across different cultures?
  • What is the impact of brand advertising on political campaigns?
  • What tactics do brands use in the exploitation of impulse spending?
  • In which ways do loyalty cards boost sales as well as consumer loyalty?
  • Can a well-marketed brand get away with marketing sub-par quality goods and services
  • What are the successful marketing techniques that assisted firms in breaking through established market monopolies?
  • In what ways do consumers perceive event sponsorships?

Examples of Marketing Essay Ideas

Below are some ideas you can implement as you compose your marketing composition:

  • Studying the differences between mortgages offered by different banks.
  • People’s attitudes towards being click-baited into a purchase
  • Understanding the effect of celebrity endorsements on the Return of Investments for CPG companies.
  • A study of women’s sentiments around advertisements based on the comparison.
  • Measuring consumer preferences on routine purchasing of online grocery products

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