30 Law Essay Topics

April 22, 2019
30 Law Essay Topics

To compose a high-quality law composition, students need to write in proper grammar, spelling, syntax, and pronunciation. Eloquence, fluency, and clarity of expression shall always be rewarded with high scores. The writer must also demonstrate a sound understanding of various legal concepts including the one under analysis. Lastly, students must be able to apply the studied law in solving a legal issue correctly.


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In case the instructor does not specify a topic, you are at liberty to select one of your choices. To get good ideas, you can read newspapers and follow the news on the most prominent legal issues around the world today. Also, you can go through case studies of past legal battles.

A Quality List of Law Essay Topics for Outstanding Papers

The following list provides you with some relevant topics you can discuss within your law compositions:

  • Religious crimes and religious laws in developed and developing countries
  • The theories of classical criminology
  • Crime reports and statistics during the 20th and 21st centuries. The changes
  • Hate crimes: their nature and various laws that govern them
  • The key principles of police interrogation about human rights
  • Juvenile justice and juvenile courts: the differences and similarities
  • The role mass media plays in investigations: the most outstanding cases.
  • Gangs and the special laws that deal with gang crime
  • Slavery, prostitution, human and child trafficking. The global practices of eradicating it.
  • False confessions and the methodologies applied by different nations in addressing them
  • The theory of Brocken windows: environmental influence on crime rates.
  • Crime and mental illnesses in different countries: a comparison and contrast
  • Education, intelligence and types of crime
  • A field study of the criminologists: the beginnings to the modern era
  • Feminist criminology: the rise of the new branch.
  • Impacts of statistics and sociology on the prevention of crime
  • Quantitative criminology: the study and the differences from other sub-categories
  • The #MeToo movement and the legal consequences that come with it.
  • Privacy in the internet era. Private information. Revenge porn. Blackmailing
  • Driving oneself to suicide. From bullying to psychological torment.
  • The international criminal court: the moment it comes into play.
  • The psychology of crime: reasons why some individuals are more susceptible to breaking the law.
  • Measures of preventing identity theft in the post-internet age.
  • Tactics the state can use to avoid wrongful convictions.
  • The role of society towards the eradication of the issue through cooperation with the law
  • Capital punishment: the pros and the cons. Why and when it can be justified.
  • The battle between privacy and governmental intrusion into private life
  • The military invasion of a foreign state
  • Family law: the debate on 50/50 sharing of matrimonial wealth.
  • The legality of gun control

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Here are Some Law Essay Questions to Get You Started

Below is a list of some common questions law students might come across in one of their papers:

Are law theories based on Marxism currently relevant or irrelevant?

  • What is the meaning of “natural law” and how has it developed in western jurisprudential ideology?
  • What is your perspective on the relevance of natural law in legal and political thinking?
  • What are the legal ramifications of a fictitious EU directive that demands that all member states should provide at least 20 days’ paternity leave for all fathers after the birth of their children?
  • How does applying the law under the act affect the liability of the employer?
  • What is your view on police authority in the regulation of assemblies and processions organized by extreme racist organizations and racist cults in Wales and England?
  • What are the issues of jurisdiction and enforcement of foreign judgment?
  • What is your opinion on current gender laws?
  • What is your view on the provisions of the equality act of 2010 about age-based discrimination?
  • How effective is the consumer protection act?
  • What is the procedure for arresting a suspect?

Possible Law Essay Ideas for Great Topics

The following is a list of composition ideas a student can use in a law paper:

  • The enactment of free universal healthcare
  • The rights of a woman in seeking abortion and contraceptive services
  • The legalization of marijuana
  • The debate on providing asylum to war refugees
  • The documentation of court proceedings on the live

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