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August 14, 2019

In college and university level, there are several different types of papers that a student will be required to write. Some of these might be challenging for students, and therefore, they will need help in completing them. This text provides some insight on how to write a good extended essay. We have provided some great tips for this type of task to ensure that students submit work that is of good quality.

The Ultimate Guide on How to Write an Extended Essay

The first thing we need to ask ourselves before proceeding is, what is an extended essay? This is a form of a 4000-word research paper. Here the writer is supposed to investigate a particular topic of their choice. It is usually a requirement for students who are taking on a 1B certificate program.

This paper is assigned to prepare a student for research ahead. The paper will sharpen your skills on, presenting your ideas, constructing arguments, and also your ability to conduct research.

The fact that it requires self-directed research means that this task is likely to be cumbersome for students. This is why we have provided the below how to write an extended essay step by step guide.

  • Topic selection

Choosing a topic is one of the essential steps when dealing with this paper. Your topic should be in an area that you are interested in. This is because it will provide the necessary motivation needed to see it through. You can choose your topic from a variety of subjects depending on what appeals to you. Avoid topics that might be too complex. Complex topics will consume more time and make your work more difficult. Also, pay attention to your word count, Make sure that the topic you choose satisfies it.

  • Conduct proper research

This is where the writer makes the decision on the type of research they want, based on the topic. Are you using your data? Using the opinions of others? What type of data do you need? Realize, whether you will require primary or secondary sources of research or even both. After deciding this, find your information. Inquire from the teachers where to find proper materials. Your library will play a part in this. When you have gathered the materials you need for research, plan your time correctly.  Finally, narrow down the sources to find those that will be essential for your paper. Make sure to keep track of all the pieces of research you use in your paper to reference. You can write them in rough paper to make it easy to identify them.

  • Create a good research question

From your topic, derive a question that will be the focus of your work. This will also tell you whether you have a good topic. When constructing your question, precision and clarity are essential. Be as clear as possible within the least possible words. Next, read your question and determine whether it is interesting. Does it make you curious? Finally, make sure that you will be able to answer your selected question. In your extended essay should be able to provide a satisfactory response to your question from the sources of research you have. Determining this early will reduce the risk of getting stuck later on.

  • Plan and Outline your work

Visualize your work and see what you are to expect from the results. In your outline, state all the critical sections of the work and then highlight all the significant points in the form that they will appear in your paper. The outline will help save time in the actual writing and also help you avoid straying.

  • Draft your work

This is where you need to employ the structure of an extended essay. There are three main sections to these papers. First is the introduction. This is where you need to present the purpose of your paper and some background to the topic you have selected. The body of the paper is where you provide the arguments as presented in the outline. It is usually advised to have each significant point on its paragraph. The final section should be the conclusion. The conclusion is a summary of the whole paper in a few words. In the conclusion section, you need to restate the content from your introduction in other words.

  • Proofread your work

When you are done with the first draft, you have to work on improving it to the point whereby you are confident when submitting it. Have several drafts to be assured that the work is of quality. You are even better off seeking external proofreading assistance from a trusted friend or even a professional when possible.

Some Important Insight on How to Start an Extended Essay

Here is some essential advice when it comes to how to begin an extended essay. The start of extended essays is usually more challenging than the other parts. This is because, in the beginning, you usually have doubts about your paper. The most important thing to remember is to trust your instincts. When starting your paper, dive right in, and introduce your topic. The reader should know what the paper is about by just the first paragraph. Use precision when forming your sentences. Also, try and capture their interest by providing some insight into why you chose that topic.

Some Key Tips For Writing An Extended Essay

Wondering how to make an extended essay go from good to great? These tips should help improve the quality of your work.

  • Arrange everything you need before you start writing. Create a timeline for your work in terms of research, your time to write and also allocate time for editing. This will eliminate the last-minute rush, which is lethal in this type of paper.
  • Use simple language. In complex papers, simple language is the way to go. This will make it easy for readers to read your work.
  • Ensure that your narration flows. Your ideas should be presented logically. Also, the body should follow the path set by the introduction, and the conclusion should summarize both.

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