Comprehensive Paper Composition Guide to Get You Started

July 29, 2019

Drafting an exemplification write-up is simple than what a significant number of students think. First and foremost, do you know what is an exemplification essay? This is a form of an argumentative paper that uses specific examples to try to prove a point. For example, if you are drafting an article about the negative effects of technology in the workplace, only saying that it reduces productivity is not enough. Here, you need to dig deeper into how the production is reduced and write what part of productivity is specifically hampered. Therefore, writing an exemplification essay is easier and more elaborate if at all, you have the tips to help you compose a great paper of this sort. Now you are about to be immersed in the world of exemplification paper composition process, get yourself ready, and learn.

Outstanding Tips for Writing an Exemplification Essay Correctly

A good structure of an exemplification essay consists of three standard parts:

  • The introduction
  • Main body
  • Conclusion

However, the question is, do you know how to write these parts to make your reader impressed? Well, check the guidelines below.

In the introduction, as a professional writer, try as much as possible to hook your reader. Start by giving a storyline from your life that is connected to the topic. This is because realistic stories are always more compelling than referring to other people’s stories. Thus, do you have such a story? If no, try to generate one.

The body paragraph consists of contra-arguments and arguments that prove the relevance of the ideas discussed regarding the subject issue. Here, you need to be consequential and apply logic. Showcase, why the counter-arguments presented, are completely different from your ideas and why you need them in your paper.

Finally, end your paper by a conclusion summarizing your main ideas, the achieved ideas, and most importantly, the conclusion you have made regarding the topic issue. Moreover, mention whether or not, if the findings can be of great importance in making a difference to the world. With this simplified tips in place, how to begin an exemplification essay becomes a lot easier.

How to Start an Exemplification Essay Stress-Free

Do you know how to write a good exemplification essay? First and foremost, start by creating a writer outline to form a basis for your write-up. Start the introductory paragraph with a hook. This helps in attracting the attention of the reader. The opening sentence should introduce to the audience to the topic issue by briefly informing them about their position. Secondly, introduce the primary points that support your stand regarding the topic issue. Lastly, end your first paragraph with a strong closing clause that phrases the theme of the paper. It should be the thesis statement that gives the direction of the composition.

Outstanding Guidelines on How to Write an Exemplification Essay Body Paragraphs

The body part of your paper is the main part that carries a deeper explanation of the subject issue. Here, you need to elaborate on the information you sprinkled on the first part of the paper to make the reader understand your article and your position. Thus, you need to write and discuss the major points you researched regarding the subject issue. Moreover, you need to back up your points with evidence and claims that are relevant and coherent to the position you choose. Also, you need to provide specific examples and back them with counter-arguments and arguments relative to the position you are seconding as far as the subject issue is concerned. Lastly, end the body paragraph by rephrasing the thesis statement without necessarily altering its meaning. Here, you can showcase how the specific point you have explained in this specific paragraph plays a role in making the position you are supporting successful.

You need to order your paragraphs well. Don’t jump from one point to the other in an awkward manner. You don’t have to join two different points in the same paragraph, and again, you discuss the same point on another paragraph. Ensure your facts are intact and your paper is arranged logically with outstanding and readable content.

Do not fill the body of your essay with fluff. Go straight to the point and ensure every word written has a meaning. You need to be more careful and choose your words precisely. They should blend perfectly to avoid problems that may make your write-up difficult to comprehend. Moreover, whenever you encounter a mind block, take your time out of the paper to refresh your mind. Come back when fresh and start working on your paper from where you left.

How to Conclude an Exemplification Composition Perfectly

Now that you have a powerful introductory paragraph and body of your paper, you need a perfect conclusion summing up your paper coherently. Here, you should touch on all the primary points without repeating the exact sentences from the body part of your essay. Thus, do not use this paragraph to attract a whole new point of view. Convince the reader that you know what you are presenting by giving them food of thought. Throw a few individual jabs to the theory discussed by summarizing the whole content into a few sentences showing how you have managed to achieve the primary purpose of the article.

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