An Expert Guide On How to Write a Statistics Essay

April 19, 2019
How to Write a Statistics Essay

Though not a common activity, statistics students at times get requested to compose statistical essays. These might be as part of term papers or even ordinary coursework activities. Students, however, never like the idea of writing essays. They usually believe it is a daunting task that requires a lot of prior preparation as well as sheer intelligence.


The advancement of internet technologies has also made students extremely lazy when it comes to writing papers. Nowadays it is relatively easy to access information right from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet. As such, students do not take their time in learning effective research methods. They prefer to plagiarize content and paste it within their papers. This normally results in dire academic penalties such as expulsion from a degree program. This guide, therefore, provides insights on how to compose a statistic paper easily.

Reasons Why Most Students Find It Hard to Write Papers

Online entertainment and distractions cause an impediment towards focusing on writing and researching. While students are using the internet to seek information, they are constantly distracted by social media and other forms of online entertainment. It has become a major concern among education experts. Students are increasingly spending excessive time on sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Some even stream online music and listen via headphones as they conduct their studies. All these have resulted in the degradation of education outcomes among students.

Furthermore, there are now more online writing companies than ever before. For this reason, students have the convenience of outsourcing their assignments to expert writers who can compose their papers efficiently. However, some fraudulent online companies promise students quality papers only to end up delivering half-written papers. This leaves the student highly disappointed not knowing where to find proper help. For this reason, it is essential to undertake thorough research before hiring any online writing assistance.

Some students find it extremely difficult to begin a paper. The main reason for this is that they do not make an effort to research before starting to write. It is very important to jot down a summary of what you intend to discuss before starting the essay. This shall comprise the outline of your paper. This makes it a lot faster to compose your paper.

Formulating an appropriate thesis statement can be a big challenge for some students. In order to craft a remarkable composition, you need to write a proper thesis statement that succinctly expresses the aim of your paper in order to give the reader the general idea. Failure to observe this shall cause you to write a paper which causes much confusion to the reader. This will result in a poor score.

As you compose your paper, you must ensure that you are addressing the appropriate audience and you are speaking in the correct voice. Some students include slang words within their papers. Others resort to using complex vocabulary in order to create an impression of high intelligence. A quality paper should aim at expressing one’s opinion and not to dazzle or impress the audience.

What Is Statistics Essay? Find Answers Today

Statistics is a branch within mathematics concerned with the collection, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of data. Most business owners apply statistics to arrive at calculated decisions aimed at enhancing the profitability of their companies. There are two branches of statistics. These are descriptive statistics and inferential statistics.

Descriptive statistics deal with the explanation of data sets and their elements in a graphical presentation. It does not make any predictions, but only gives short descriptions of bullet point data. Examples include line graphs, polygraphs, and charts.

Inferential statistics apply the heavy use of information sampling to predict a future outcome. It also relies on a lot of probability and assumptions. As such, businesses often use it to predict future trends of business outcomes.

Apart from the major statistical branches, there are various levels within statistics:

  • Nominal level statistics showcase information by labels or names.
  • Ordinal level statistics create an ordered arrangement of data by letter or number.
  • Interval level statistics deals with the ordering of data in terms of intervals or differences between datasets. For instance, a thermometer is usually labeled either in Celsius or Fahrenheit degrees.
  • Ratio level of statistics

In ratio level statistics, the starting point is the natural zero. This method is very efficient in making a comparison between measurements.

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Quality Tips on How to Write Statistics Essay

Many students normally wonder how they can undertake their statistical analysis essays. This is a common issue among students who lack experience in statistics. While composing your statistics paper, you first need to identify the contents within your dataset. After that, formulate your hypothesis.

The next step is to undertake some descriptive statistics. This is important for three main reasons. First, if you do not have enough variations in your variables of interest, you cannot test your null hypothesis. Second, you shall require a table with sample statistics within your paper. This needs to contain common demographic variables. These are education, sex, age, race, and income. Third, descriptive statistics will offer you an idea of how your data is coded and distributed.

After that, you need to use the results from your initial analysis to put up your results table and proceed with the write-up of your discussions. Ensure that all your data is well arranged to make it easy for a reader to follow and understand your research. Likewise, ensure that all your calculations are correct. Wrong calculations lower the credibility of your research.

Learning How to Start a Statistics Essay Properly

The first step in writing statistics essays is to determine your audience. This is very important since it shall guide your use of certain terms. Do not use methodologies and terms that are beyond the understanding of the reader. Next, cross-check all your data to ensure that they are accurate and give a true reflection of your study. Likewise, you should only use the statistical methods and formulas you are well adverse in. Using formulas, you do not understand will frustrate you in the writing process since you shall not be able to interpret the data properly. Likewise, you are likely to make huge errors that will immensely lower the quality of your paper.

How to Structure a Statistics Essay to Ensure a Neat Paper

The appropriate statistics essay structure is usually dependent on your topic. However, the general structure includes an introduction and background, literature review, research methodology, findings, discussions, and a conclusion.

Writing the Statistics Essay Introduction Paragraph

The introduction of your statistical paper needs o to describe the particular field of statistics and its application in solving a given problem. After the opening remarks, including a literature review. One good way of composing this review is through evaluation of your data to provide an opinion on the subject matter.

Hints for an Outstanding Statistics Essay Conclusion

Your conclusion needs to include only a few sentences. Summarize all your findings and ensure that you create a lasting impression on your audience. Provide recommendations that support your essay and highlight any gaps for future studies.

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