What Exactly is a Sports Essay and How to Manage It?

July 29, 2019

To answer what is a sports essay, it is important to highlight the significance of sport in our lives. Almost everyone is interested in some games related to sports. Moreover, physical training helps to keep your body fit and healthy. This makes sports one of the most widely discussed activities in which people enjoy sharing their opinions and experience. Schools and colleges also consider sports as an important subject and prefer giving assignments that generate interest in students in sports.

What could be the best way of involving students in sports other than making them pen it down? The challenge here is how to write a good sports essay that is appealing and entertaining at the same time.

How to Write a Sports Essay

Writing a sports essay can become easy if you start thinking beyond any boundaries or restrictions of what words you can choose. You can be as creative in your write-up as the players can get during the game. When choosing which game to describe, it’s a good idea to pick your favorite one which you can carve passionately about. You can make it more attractive by focusing on drafting the structure of a sports essay.

The ideal way is to begin by sharing your personal experience of the game playing. You may have played it sometime in the past or been engaged in an activity promoting it. If you add your personal experience, it will give a sense of creditability to the paper. For example, you can say, ‘Football is very close to my heart because it was my grandfather who taught me how to play’ or you can write ‘I was only ten years old when I won my first medal.’ This indulges in your essay and the next thing you are about to say.

Add rhetorical quotations which your audience can relate to. For example, baseball is the national game for the US and it is played in almost every school. A lot of kids aspire to be part of the team when they reach high school and want to pursue a career in it as well. If you are writing about baseball, you can start with ‘baseball is the national game of the US and has never let the country down’ or make a prediction who will be the winner of Super Bowl this time around.

You can also be a little daring by adding controversial statements such as ‘I feel that all professional athletes should complete graduation before they become part of the game’ or ‘maximum age of an athlete playing at the national level should not be more than 30 years.’ It is up to you what statement to choose.

How to Start a Sports Essay

A writer needs to bear in mind that the game being discussed is already over and people have seen it. Therefore, it is very important to know how to begin a sports essay. It is a good idea to start your paper with quotes from the winning and losing teams. You may just highlight the important part, which was said and not put down entire phrases word by word.

Prepare an outline of what you would like to cover in your paper. Statements and paragraphs you add as a writer should relate to each other, and there should be a smooth flow when someone is transitioning from introduction to the body and eventually to the conclusion.

Tips for Writing a Sports Essay

To make the essay worth a read, it is important for a student to keep a few things in mind. Follow these tips on how to write a sports essay step by step:

  • First and foremost, talk about a game you are interested in, or you know about. If you don’t know how it is played you will have a tough time using the right terminologies. For example, if you are discussing soccer, you would be talking about the goals, bicycle kicks, chip passes, etc. But if you are talking about basketball, you would be sharing how many free throws there were or who took the bank shot.
  • Next, choose the topic wisely. Your title of the writing will drive what the paper is all about. If we talk about cricket, do you want to discuss majorly batting, balling, or fielding? Or do you want to share statistics about the last ten matches, and what was the run rate and score for each?
  • State important facts about the game. For instance, let’s look at tennis. You can share the final score, if someone took an ace, how many faults both teams made, was it singles or doubles, did the ball hit the net often. Your piece should start with these important facts and then lead the conversation further.
  • Describe the game plan and strategy which was used in the last game. Also, it may be an analysis of various games, add statistics and comparisons. People who are into sports rely heavily on numbers and figures.
  • Finish your write-up by concluding remarks which can be based on your personal opinion or something you have observed from commentary or articles you refer to. Remember to cite all used sources using the proper format. Now, how to make a sports essay question now sounds much easier.

These are some of the tips which can get you going but still if you feel that you need assistance crafting a sports essay, you are more than welcome to contact us. Our experts will be at your service from the moment you share your requirements. We can assure you that you will like the quality of the received paper written by our good essay writing service. Contact us now!