You Can Learn How to Make Social Media Essay like an Expert!

July 29, 2019

Due to the information technology and ubiquity of smartphones, social media is making significant waves in our everyday life. It is playing impressive roles in changing the face of the world – putting a new face on the ways people socialize around the world to the extent that a life without social networking seems to be impossible. You sit behind your computer or hold your mobile device and compose a couple of admirable words, and then you publish the essay. Before you know it, it goes viral, and you gain many followers admiring you. Bingo! You become a social networking idol. But that might not be as easy as pie.

As a student, you may be given the assignment to prepare a media article – to discuss a topic or post your responses or reactions to the articles of others. With your response, you are expected to write a captivating paper that will catch the attention of your colleagues and your lecturer – a response article that will call for more responses from others. Due to some reasons, this is where many students reach a dead-end.

For instance, they might be preoccupied with several assignments, so they might not have enough time to check the posts and respond; they might be suffering from stress due to the many assignments and academic activities; they might not know how to write the article. However, if you happen to be one of these students, we want to help you. We are offering you free expert tips that will surely help you in crafting a quality article for your social networking. Furthermore, if you would like our professional writer to proofread and revise your drafts, or prepare it for you from scratch, we are offering you our affordable services. Click here to learn more about our special offers for students.

This is How to Write a Social Media Essay

What is a social media essay? Before you can submit a successful social networking article, you will have to know its meaning and what it entails. It is more or less like a piece of controversial writing through which people make their notions, ideas, arguments, reactions, responses, emotions or feelings, and points of debate known to the public on social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Vimeo, and Google+. One important thing you must avoid is plagiarism.

The essays are usually argumentative. Therefore, you need to select a unique topic for your article. However, if you want to respond to an existing topic, look for a unique way to put forward your argument or idea to support or counter the ideas of the initial discussions. Before you can do this, you need to understand the contents of the initial posts, the purpose for which the author wrote the post, and the message the author is trying to pass to the public. If not, you will be posting irrelevant responses that will be washed down by other contributors.

Choose a topic you have a good knowledge of – do not choose a topic that you have a little or no knowledge of. If you create an article with the wrong content, you will not be able to bear it when others are commenting on your post. If your level of knowledge on a topic is limited, first try to play hide and seek. Do not respond quickly; read through the posts and responses of others to have a clear view of the theme of discussion.

While reading the posts of others, you will be having a better understanding of the point of discussion and at the same time looking for a relevant response you can post at the appropriate time. Besides, you will be able to develop admirable social networking article topics. If you desire a high-quality paper with good grades, our professional writers are always ready to help. You can sign up here and place your order.

Learn How to Start a Social Media Essay

If you know how to write a good social media essay, you will start by staying low-key at the initial stage before making and posting your articles. Being a good listener is better off than a talker – you will have to be a good listener to others before you can become a good talker. The advantage of assuming the listening mode is to read through other posts, have a good understanding of the arguments, study the trend of the discussion, compose a killing essay, and look for the right time to publish it.

Having spent enough time reading through the posts of others and had a good understanding of the discussion, the next thing is to compose a captivating topic for your article. However, you need to ensure that your topic is unique. You may be interested in opening a new thread on an existing discussion, but you need to craft your topic in such a way that it is unique. Therefore, you will have to choose a unique approach and present your claim, idea, or argument uniquely. However, below are the tips on how to write a social media essay step by step.

Tips for Writing a Social Media Essay Like an Expert

Writing a professional social networking article requires the do and don’t you will have to bear in mind before you start writing a social media essay:

  • Understand how to begin a social media essay, as discussed above.
  • Have a good understanding of the topic and the message before you write your discussion or respond to others’ discussions.
  • Brainstorm to develop your points of discussion and take note of the key points.
  • Outline the major points to develop a good structure of a social media essay. Start with the introduction and present the theme and purpose as well as the rationale of the discussion in the introduction. Maintain a good flow of ideas in the main body and only include viable claims.
  • If there is a need to borrow ideas or words, attribute them to the rightful owners.
  • Avoid flimsy and erroneous claims.
  • Do not post attacking, unfriendly, and offensive words. Be mild in your presentation of counter-arguments and do not be hostile in your approach.

That notwithstanding, if you are still unsure or you don’t know how to make a social media essay, or you are afraid you could get turned down and have a low grade in your social networking assignments, you can depend on our writer for help. Our professional writers from cheap essay writing service online are always available for your help. Sign up here and save yourself from unnecessary stress.