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August 14, 2019

There are different types of compositions that students might be required to write. Sometimes they might experience trouble with these tasks due to lack of experience. So, what is a problem and solution essay? This is whereby a student is supposed to identify a problem and provide a logical solution for it. A problem and solution essay is meant to help provide insight into how some problems in society can be solved. Here, a student is required to show their critical thinking skills by providing logical ways of combating these problems. In this text, we are going to show you how to write a problem and solution essay step by step.

What You Need to Know on How to Start a Problem And Solution Essay

The beginning of any paper should achieve one great purpose to make the reader interested. When it comes to how to begin a problem and solution essay, it is advisable to dive right in and introduce the problem. This is because the reader should know what your paper is about as early as possible. The introduction paragraph should answer the question, What is the problem? Why does the problem need solving? In this paragraph, make the reader care about the problem. Introduce it in such a way that they will care about it.

The Essentials about How to Write a Problem And Solution Essay

Here, we have provided some guiding steps on how to write a good problem and solution essay. The first step when it comes to these tasks is choosing the right topic. During topic selection, a writer needs to choose an area that they are interested in. This is because they are likely to be more motivated when writing and also in research and hence it will be more comfortable. The topic should also be one they are familiar with. Choose something that affects you to make the process easier. Considering your audience in selection will also work in your favor. Find a problem they can relate to so that they will be on board. One of the most common errors students make when choosing topics is going for the complex ones. Select one that you are comfortable with to avoid getting stuck along the way.

Conduct valid research. In this section, you need to gather enough information on the topic. Proper research will mean better arguments to support your thesis. Read widely on the topic selected and write down any important information.

Create an Outline. To ensure success in writing a problem and solution essay, you need to have an outline. The outline is the foundation of your paper. This is where you highlight all the different sections of the paper, in the way they are supposed to appear on the draft. When outlining, you are supposed to arrange your main points in order. The outline will help keep you on track with the main objectives. It also saves time in writing since you will only be adding bulk to the points of the outline.

Structure your work. After outlining, you are ready to start composing. First, you have to recognize the structure of a problem and solution essay. These papers use the standard three-part structure.

The introduction is where you will be required to provide some background to your study. Describe why it is essential that the problem is addressed. This is also where you write the thesis statement. In the introduction, the writer needs to be very precise. The sentences need to be succinct. The introduction should lead the way for the body of the paper. Ensure that the transition is smooth.

The Body- The body should be divided into paragraphs. First, you will have to explain the solution to the problem with clarity. Go into detail describing how the solution will work. You also need to show who should lead in the solution and also how the solution can be funded. You also need to give evidence that the solution will work. This is where you present any statistics and results from times when the solution worked (if it has been used before). You need to show why your solution is better than others that have been tried before. A problem and solution essay will always draw objections. This is why you need strong arguments. Address any objections using proper logic and with the support of evidence when possible.

The conclusion section is the last part of this paper. The conclusion should act as a wrap up for the paper. This is where you complete your argument and make your reader convinced that your solution is the right one. In conclusion, you should highlight what you would want to see happen. Then give a brief description of how your solution will impact change with the help of real-life examples where possible.

Some Extra Tips for Writing a Problem and Solution Essay

Here are additional tips on how to make a problem and solution essay go from subtle to fantastic.

  • Use a tone that is convincing to the reader. You aim to appeal to the reader while also being logical. Do not force your views on them; support your arguments better with evidence.
  • You can use the first, second, or third person in this type of paper.
  • Think about your audience as the effectors of change. This way, you will try and be more convincing. Address them like an investor listening to a good proposal.
  • Paint a picture. When describing the problem and solution, use imagery to make the reader care about what you are talking about and also realize the seriousness in the matter.
  • Proofread your work. After finishing your paper, go through it several times, each time improving on it until you have a final copy.

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