Quality Tips on How to Write a Political Science Essay

April 19, 2019
How to Write a Political Science Essay

It is highly imperative for students undertaking political science to have the right aptitudes of analytical thinking and essay composition. This course normally involves much retrospective reading of both historical and current political events. It is only through such skills that a student can accomplish this academic program.


However, many students face some challenges when it comes to composition writing. One major issue faced by students is getting started with the writing process. Some writers experience the “writer’s block.” This is whereby, they get stuck and are unable to think of anything to write in their composition. They usually experience this situation because they fail to plan and pre-write their ideas and arguments.

It is vital to create an outline for your paper before you begin drafting it. Your outline acts as a framework that guides you in writing the paper. Typically, it is supposed to be written as a listing of short points that are representative of the ideas you intend to discuss. Create a main topic followed by subtopics. Under each subtopic, write the supporting points underneath.

Another problem is the use of inappropriate voice while writing as well as addressing the wrong audience. Good writing needs to focus on addressing the right target audience. As such, an author needs to tailor his or her vocabulary to match the understanding of the reader. It is pointless to use the heavy vocabulary you do not understand to sound intelligent. You will end up confusing your audience. Likewise, avoid using slang and colloquialisms of everyday speech. Stick to the use of formal language if you intend to score high marks.

Other students do not know how to formulate a quality thesis statement. This seriously reduces the quality of their texts. A thesis statement is supposed to summarize for the reader the essence of writing the paper. It gives them an idea of what to expect from the text. A poorly drafted thesis statement confuses the reader during writing. The readers will also find the essay confusing.

Lastly, performance anxiety is another impediment to writing. To compose a quality paper, you need to have a strong belief in yourself that you can write quality content. Previous failures can at times cause this anxiety. A good solution is to undertake constant practice to build aptitude and confidence.

What Is Political Science Essay? Here is Everything You Should Know

A political science essay is a type of paper that predominantly focuses on the exploration, analysis, and explanation of various political issues both in history and in the current political scene. The main aim of scrutinizing political events is to gain a deeper understanding of the motivations and repercussions of particular political events that shaped the social or even economic landscape in a given region.

Major topics commonly studied under the umbrella of political science include wars, poverty, discrimination, unemployment, environmental degradation, trade, socioeconomics, etc. The student is supposed to gain some enlightenment after studying these topics to learn from the mistakes of past generations and find solutions to existing problems.

The existing problems can be solved through the formulation of organizations, policies, as well as projects, steered towards implementing the proposed solutions. Political scientists can also become activists advocating for particular changes in governance or social structures.

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Tips on How to Start a Political Science Essay out Strong

The process for starting a political science composition is first to choose an appropriate topic. If you find it difficult to undertake this process, you can consult information sources such as newspapers and political journals. Likewise, keep an eye on the current events taking place around the world by watching international news.

At times, your instructor might select a topic for you. In this case, you should move straight to research. As you research for information, read books, websites, journals, articles, class notes, etc. one precautionary measure to observe is to ensure that all the online sources you use are peer reviewed. This shall enhance the credibility of your sources.

As you gather information from the various sources, take note of each source through jotting it down somewhere. They shall form part of your references. You can always update your references as you proceed with research. Failure to include the appropriate citation in your composition is tantamount to plagiarism. This offense might cost your admission into a particular faculty.

How to Write Political Science Essay That Would be Memorable to the Readers

A quality political science essay is supposed to be highly convincing with valid arguments. The reader must be able to see sense within your text. Give support to your arguments through valid examples. Moreover, you need to offer a new perspective on your chosen topic. Write with high precision of language and grammar. Avoid making mistakes in spelling as well as awkward collocations within your political science essays.

How to Structure a Political Science Essay for Logical Flow of Arguments

A well-structured composition makes it easy for the reader to follow up on your argument as well as understand your discussions. For this reason, it is important to prepare how you are going to arrange your arguments, topics, and examples. The general outline for a political science essay usually consists of three segments:

  • An introduction
  • The body section
  • The conclusion

The body section can at times comprise of various subsections. These are a theoretical framework as well as a case study. Your theoretical framework includes the literature review section whereby you analyze texts written by other researchers within the same field. The writer also needs to give a summary of possible answers to his or her research questions. It is also in this section that the author needs to make as many citations as possible to give credence to his or her arguments. Finally, you can give way forward towards solving the issue.

Your case study can involve numerous related studies by other political scientists. Always refer to your literature review while discussing your anecdotes and case studies. You are free to include other sections within your political science essay structure.

Writing the Political Science Essay Introduction Paragraph

Within the introduction paragraph, the first sentence, to begin with, is a hook. This is aimed at capturing the reader’s attention. You can use an anecdote or a witty remark. After that, proceed to compose your thesis statement. This is the key sentence that informs the reader of the main purpose of your paper hence preparing them on what to expect while reading.

Next, state the central question of your research and explain the significance it has. Include other minor research questions you intend to discuss. Share the background to your research topic then offer the overview or summary of the entire paper.

Composing the Political Science Essay Conclusion

This is the last paragraph of the essay. Restate your thesis statement but do not rewrite it the same way as the one in the introduction.  Reflect on the research question and give a summary of all your results. Recommend ways through which your results can be effectively implemented. Likewise, you can also state research gaps that future political scientists can research.

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