Informative Guide on How to Write a Philosophy Essay Effortlessly

December 12, 2018
How to Write a Philosophy Essay

Students find it difficult to write a philosophy paper since it is a little bit different compared to essays from other disciplines. For a starter, it can be a challenging experience, but with extensive research and practice, it will become an easy task.


Before you begin to write the paper, you should understand and fathom what you are being asked to do. That is, you need to read and understand the question immediately you’re presented with the task. It is also important to formulate your thesis as soon as you comprehend what the problem is expecting you to do. The bottom line of writing an outstanding philosophy essay is to get started immediately.

What Is a Philosophy Essay?

A philosophical essay is not an ordinary research paper that requires you to introduce the latest findings on a particular topic. Neither does require you to present your feelings but instead needs you to defend a thesis.

It means that you are expected to establish a specific point which by the end of it you should convince the reader by giving reasonable grounds and justifications which are acceptable. You are supposed to use a rational argument to prove your point. Its beauty is found in your own ideas, that is the language or the art you use in conveying those ideas.

Basic Rules on How to Start a Philosophy Essay

When it comes to writing philosophy essays, there is a basic rule you should always observe when you want to begin the writing process which includes organizing, analyzing, summarizing and revising. This acts as a foundation so that you can be able to formulate a framework. Therefore, before you start you need to consider the following:

  • Know your audience

Most readers will not evaluate your essay based on the agreement or disagreement but rather the method you use to build your case, the way you understand the topic, and the consistency, uniqueness and how convincing you are. Your audience is always interested in whether you can be critical, clear and logic to a particular philosophical topic.

  • Organize your thoughts

This way will help you have flow in your entire paper. The first thing you should do is to note your reaction immediately you read the question. It might not be that important, but it will guide you on the method to use in convincing the readers on your take on the topic in question.

After that, you can analyze your assessment of the main topics, write the arguments you anticipate to make in support of your position in points form, at least note one response to your case and then summarize your primary objective in response to the topic.

Learn How to Write a Good Philosophy Essay Easily

The primary purpose of being asked to answer a philosophy paper is to show your teacher how you can handle a philosophical problem. It is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your understanding and persuasive power on a particular perspective.

The purpose is achieved when your essay performs two essential functions. That is; a description of the subject matter and an important debate of the problem or text. By following these two functions, you can achieve an excellent essay.

When you are describing the subject matter, you should indicate what the issue is as well its significant to the reader. It is primarily depicting your view on the issue and what the text means according to you. It is always important to give an accurate but fair account of a problem even if the explanation becomes more interpretive rather than descriptive.

Exposition should not always follow another author’s view but rather demonstrate your understanding of the topic and how others present it as well. Your interpretation is expected to clarify the meaning of the issue but not expressing your personal views only. The reader should be able to determine whether they choose to agree with you or not.

Debating on the matter in question should be where you center your stage since this is where you are developing the response to the problem you were describing. At this point, your argument is important and therefore, you should avoid making unsupported assumptions. You can always have a backup of your conclusions and connect your ideas, so they are flowing.

In a case, you are not in agreement with the author you should point out the specific statement you do not agree with them and indicate why you do not. In case you agree with the author you can expound further what they were trying to say. When you are required to critique a statement by a specific author, you can focus on your response in a more constructive way.

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Fundamental Outlook of a Philosophy Essay Outline

The primary purpose of an outline is to help you not to go off the track. When you prepare a framework to ensure you include every important detail that you require hence it will be easy to have a flow and know when you leave something out. Though the number of points/ arguments may vary from paper to paper, below is an example of a very general outline:

  • Introduction
  • Reasons or arguments (this can have several paragraphs depending on how many you have)
  • The primary objective of your paper
  • Suitable reasons or evidence to support your opinion on the subject matter.
  • Conclusion

Develop an Excellent Philosophy Essay Structure on Your Own

Having a structure for your essay helps the reader be able to follow your argument easily and reduce the chances of being confused on the way. Being able to develop a stable structure no matter how challenging the question might be is important. An example of how you should structure your thesis is as follows;

Introduction: this is where you explain the key terms. You are also expected to state your hypothesis clearly and concisely so that your reader can understand what you intend to achieve at the end of the paper. Also, place the question within the school of philosophy which it belongs.

Thesis statement: this where you summarize the central claim that is presented in the paper. It needs to pave the way on where the essay is going. Ensure that it is also debatable in that you provide both sides of the argument with ease.

Conclusion: this is where the reader gets the closure of the entire essay. At this point, you are required to summarize all the arguments and counter-arguments. It is where you show your position and the reason you stand with that argument.

Importance of a Philosophy Essay Introduction for Your Assignments

An introduction is an integral part of every essay or research paper. It is where the readers get an overview of your work. It is also at this point you get an opportunity to take the reader through the intentions of the paper. It is highly endorsed you introduced the topic without complicating it.

Present your argument and make sure you use the main points so that the reader can have the interest in reading more. You can also use the introduction to explain any explanations you expect to use while backing up your thesis and how they are connected to your argument

How Should You Write a Philosophy Essay Body?

Make sure that you keep the question being addressed decisively in view throughout the essay. The argument presented here should be valid. The body should include the expositions of the opinions, concepts and given arguments, your arguments supporting your thesis and counterarguments together with your responses to them. Note that you should limit justifying yourself too much. Determine what is necessary for a context.

Purpose of a Philosophy Essay Conclusion

The primary goal of the conclusion is to summarize your argument and explain more on your stand in that argument. This is where you convince the reader your founding of the thesis and discuss the impacts or limits of your case. It acts as a reminder of what you have proved and how you have established your points.

Philosophy Essay Tips to Help You Write a High-Quality Paper

Here are basic tips that you can consider so that you will avoid making mistakes when writing your essay.

  • A philosophy essay needs a lot of research. Therefore, you need to start soon if you need to get good results in the end.
  • It helps to make sure that you will not miss any crucial point. Therefore, you should take notes as you research.
  • Keep the reader aware of your stand on the theme of the paper.
  • Make your essay content clear and to the point
  • Avoid beating around the bush too much for more effective writing.
  • Use simple language
  • Proofread in case of any errors
  • Always cite your sources

Sometimes writing a philosophy essay can be too difficult. Either because you do not understand the topic or get stuck in the middle of the paper. You may at times take writing a philosophy paper as a simple task and when you begin you realize you may not have enough time to complete it as the deadline might be approaching.

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