Expert Advice On How to Write a Marketing Essay

May 14, 2019

Business students are at times required to compose marketing essays. These papers are usually written to create various strategies and business models to increase sales within a given business. This activity allows the learner to learn practical skills that shall be highly beneficial as a future business or marketing manager.


Moreover, the student gains the ability to think logically. They attain the ability to critically analyze situations and come up with the proper solutions for various business challenges. What’s more, they gain the requisite training on how to take personal responsibility for their work. Papers such as dissertations, thesis, term papers, and coursework require the student to work independently with minimal supervision.

However, many students do not seem to understand the importance of composing essays. Most of them prefer to spend time on entertainment and hanging out. Instead of conducting proper research for their papers, they spend much time browsing trivial information across websites and interacting with friends on social media.

During their leisure time, they only want to watch movies and even do more banal stuff on social media websites. Others are more focused on hanging out and pursuing their hobbies. This adversely affects the outcomes of the learning process across all institutions.

Why Students Need Writing Assistance

For these reasons, students normally seek to hire online writing assistance due to the following reasons:

  • Poor writing and research skills

Some students experience much difficulty in expressing themselves articulately through writing. Any time they try to compose a paper, they end up writing extremely poor quality content that cannot gain them any meaningful grades. Likewise, some students utilize inefficient research methods while conducting their studies. This prevents them from obtaining the right information from the research material.

  • Poor citation methods

While composing your essay, you must ensure that you have made the requisite citations to your paper. Failure to undertake this procedure shall result in punitive actions of which in some circumstances can cause expulsion from a particular degree program. There are four major academic writing styles. These are MLA, Chicago, APA, and Harvard. A student needs to be familiar with all of these writing formats. Sometimes the instructor might specify a given format to use in your paper, and you need to be ready to undertake proper citation in any style. If you are not sure, it is always better to consult a style guide.

  • Performance anxiety

Past failures in composition writing might cause a student to develop a phobia of writing essays. Remember, to compose a quality paper; you need to have full confidence in your writing ability. To improve your confidence, you need to practice how to write papers effectively constantly.

What Is Marketing Essay? Understanding The Paper.

Before understanding the essence of a marketing essay, it is important to gain an understanding of the concept of marketing. Most people normally think that marketing is simply about advertisements, promotions, and selling. Though numerous activities within marketing strategies are geared towards these goals, there is a lot more involved in marketing.

By definition, marketing is a system of exchange that aims to fulfill the needs and wants of individuals. It involves a lot of intensive research on what consumers need and their purchasing habits. This process is known as market research. It is usually an intensive process that involves much fieldwork whereby companies can directly ask the consumers about their desires through surveys, questionnaires or interviews. Internet technologies have made the process easier in that firms can now undertake online surveys and even use advanced digital tools to monitor spending habits and consumer preferences. This had led to the advent of targeted marketing.

Through targeted marketing, businesses can now tailor products that fulfill the precise needs of the client thus guaranteeing greater satisfaction. This shall further convert into consumer loyalty and increased sales volumes.

Marketing management is the art and science of selecting markets, obtaining, keeping and continuously growing the number of consumers. The managers evaluate different demographics, regions and purchasing power of various groups to come up with the best plan.

Marketing assignments thus deal with all the concepts of marketing. At times, students write proposals or conduct field studies on the best methods of implementing a strategy that leads to greater conversions. At times the paper might involve analysis of case studies then coming up with marketing strategies to address a given market niche.

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Understanding How to Write a Marketing Essay

Before you embark on writing your marketing paper, you need to undertake thorough research on the primary marketing attributes to create your marketing strategy. Decide on the most crucial marketing aspects important in your analysis. In case you are finding it challenging to select a suitable aspect, you can consult your instructor to assist you with good ideas. You can also hold group discussions with classmates or even consult business journals and magazines.

Create suitable research questions that shall guide your research and discussions. One thing that most students fail to realize is that essay writing is more than a beginning, a body, and a conclusion. You need to thoroughly explain your thoughts and support your arguments using relevant sources. Mention conflicting ideas and persuade the reader why your chosen argument is correct. This is similar to a comparison and contrast essay.

Another important task to remember is that as you undertake research, remember to note down all your information sources. All of them shall be required in your bibliography section. You can be updating your reference list as you obtain extra sources.

Tips On How to Structure a Marketing Essay

Your marketing essay structure shall largely depend on the type of task you are undertaking. If it is a simple essay, you can include an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. However, if it is a marketing research paper, your outline might include an introduction and background section, literature review, research methods, results, analysis/discussion, conclusion, bibliography, and appendix.

You also need to think about your thesis statement. A thesis statement is a single sentence that sums up the entire idea of your composition. A properly formulated thesis statement is therefore key in drafting a quality composition. Therefore, you must ensure that your statement is precise and goes straight to the point. This shall prevent you from confusing the reader. The reason is that an improper thesis leads the writer into writing arguments that are not related to the theme of the paper.

Lastly, keep the audience and voice in mind as you structure this essay. You must pay keen attention to the audience you are trying to address through your composition. Ensure that your use of language resonates with the understanding of your audience. Avoid using the vocabularies you do not understand to appear intelligent. Your primary aim should be to express yourself in the best way possible effectively.

Advice On How to Start a Marketing Essay

Starting a marketing essay involves ensuring that all your data is accurate and your outline has a precise structure. This shall guide you in arranging your discussions logically and avoid any confusion.

Writing The Marketing Essay Introduction Paragraph

In the introductory paragraph, you need to introduce the reader to the topic. Mention your topic then write your thesis statement. After that, give a background to the study. The background will highlight a current issue that can be addressed through your paper and the importance of addressing it.

Composing The Marketing Essay Conclusion

In your conclusion, sum up all your ideas and restate your thesis statement. Give recommendations for the best strategy to employ. This will assist future researchers in carrying out more effective studies. Likewise, highlight any research gaps you think have not yet been exploited.

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