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April 22, 2019

The study of law normally requires articulate writing skills and excellent mastery of the English language. The reason is that the subject involves a lot of literary analysis and a voracious reading of legal books. The student also needs to develop a strong appetite for reading other literature such as novels, books, short stories, newspapers, articles, journals, and magazines. All these will contribute towards the learner’s pool of vocabulary and also make him or her a skilled orator.


Lawyers are required to be highly persuasive because the profession requires the ability to persuade and convince someone to accept a certain opinion. Therefore, a lawyer must also be good at critical thinking, analysis of facts and other data.

Law is also considered a subjective discipline. Since it primarily involves individual argument and perception of a given scenario, there is nothing like a right or wrong answer. It is a matter of opinion, which makes it very flexible in its applicability. For this reason, it is quite difficult to guarantee whether a given paper shall guarantee you a particular grade. The grading is dependent on the grader’s opinion, and there are no two people with the same opinion.

However, some challenges might hinder a law student from crafting splendid essays. Some of them are as follows:

  • Poor language skills

Some students are poor in English. Most of them are speakers of English as a second language. For this reason, they are unable to compose an essay in English properly. Any time they attempt a paper, they end up producing work that is riddled with countless grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, poor sentence structure, and awkward collocations. What’s more, they do not understand the proper rules of punctuation and capitalization. These students need much assistance in developing the proper language aptitudes.

  • Poor voice and audience

A good writer is supposed to express themselves in writing. He or she should not write simply to impress the reader. This is one common mistake committed by many law students. Some students attempt using legal jargon they do not understand to sound more knowledgeable. Others even resort to using slang words or colloquial terms in their compositions. Such mistakes result in poor scores.

  • Plagiarism

The explosion of internet technologies has made it extremely easy to research and attain information. Nowadays, a student can undertake online research right from the comfort of a smartphone. However, some students do not know how to insert the proper citations within their essays. This results in plagiarism which can lead to expulsion from a particular degree program. Knowledge of the standard academic writing formats is crucial for all students. Legal papers mostly apply the APA or MLA writing format. Each of these has distinct citation styles. Going through the writing style guides can be a good way of avoiding citation errors.

  • Poor time management

When tutors issue assignments, they usually expect students to compose them and complete in a good time. Failure to do so can result in dire consequences such as expulsion from a particular course. Some students take too long to research their topics and conduct sound analysis. Slow writing makes them unable to complete their papers within the deadlines.

  • Beginning a paper

Some students normally get stuck at the onset of a paper. They cannot think of anything to write. A lack of planning commonly causes this scenario. Before you start writing, you need to carefully think about your topic and note down all the ideas that come to mind. After that, formulate an outline for your paper. This enables you to explain your pre-written points within your essay quickly.

What Is Law Essay? And What Does It Entail?

A law essay is any paper composed of a law student to evaluate and discuss particular legal issues. Most commonly these essays involve the analysis of a case study that involves a legal battle between two parties. The accusing party is known as the plaintiff while the accused is known as the plaintiff. Such cases comprise a dialog of the court proceedings.

The student is supposed to analyze the proceeding and give an opinion in his or her essay based on learned legal principles. At times the analysis might involve a story that depicts an ethical or legal dilemma. In this case, students need to think critically and explain their views on how such a matter can be legally addressed in a fair and just manner.

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How to Write Law Essay like a Professional Writer

To compose a proper legal paper, you need to observe specific criteria. Some of the criteria to follow are listed below:

  • Neat and proper presentation

You need to ensure that the presentation of your paper is smart, appealing and consistent. It is imperative to showcase your writing as properly as you can since first impressions matter. A grader would have already formed a rough idea of what kind of grade to offer at first glance of an essay.

  • An effective structure

The appropriate law essay structure shall depend on the nature of the essay. Compositions need to be organized with definite subheadings to signpost the commentary and give a well-flowing internal structure. In report writing, the text needs to be organized using numbered subheadings and paragraphs. Longer papers and dissertations should be organized in terms of abstracts, chapters consisting of subsections and tables of contents.

  • Subject knowledge and command

The composition must showcase knowledge of the appropriate law. The text must give an illustration of deep subject understanding.  The writer must show that he or she understands the context and issues that are detailed as well as contemporary.

How to Start a Law Essay without Struggling

At the onset of your law essay, you must first conduct a thorough analysis of the question. Ensure that you have a proper understanding of what the question demands. Ideally, you need to begin by identifying the topic under question and the area of law it falls under. Upon identifying your topic, you need to create a quick plan that consists of bullet points highlighting separate elements of your answer that you shall explain throughout your composition.

How to Structure a Law Essay for a Quality Paper

It is an essential task to place focus on how your paper will be structured. You need to create an outline for your essay as it will give you an idea of how to properly format your essay. Estimate the total length of your essay in terms of the word count. Evaluate any special instructions offered by your tutor and put them into consideration as you draft your essay. The general structure of a law essay needs to comprise of an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.

Composing the Law Essay Introduction Paragraph

Make the introduction captivating to grab the audience’s attention. Though it is supposed to be straightforward, your introduction should be highly intriguing to retain the interest of the reader in proceeding throughout the entire paper. Give details on how you intend to answer each of your essay questions and summarize your points of discussion.

How to Craft the Law Essay Conclusion

Within law essays, the conclusion should be a summary of all the points discussed in the paper. You can also restate your thesis statement in a unique manner and end with closing remarks.

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