How to Write a Geography Essay – Everything from Topic to End

April 23, 2019

Writing of a good essay starts with the selection of the right topic. By definition, no topic of good or bad. Your liking decides its appropriateness for it. If you are comfortable with a topic and would like to know more about it yourself, it’ll get easier for you to conduct a detailed study on it. Learn how to write each section of your paper including introduction, body, and of course, the conclusion in this article.


What Is Geography Essay? – An Overview of the Subject

It’s an essay that elaborates the existence as well as the appearance of any of a range of phenomena related to earth. It could be both its natural and human-made features. The essay may also be about any factor that has an impact on or a role in changes in geography, e.g. the way moon causes tidal waves in the ocean. Essays on geography help understand the natural phenomena, how they occur, why things happen a certain way, and what relationship exists between climate and living beings.

How to Write a Geography Essay – Selecting the Topic

Your topic should be tailored to the level of research your essay has to encompass. Look at it this way – if you are only required to write a one-page essay that has 250 to 275 words in it on climate change, it doesn’t make sense to start carrying out a deep investigation into the factors responsible for climate change, citing from one research paper after another. For an essay of such a small scope, probably your teacher only expects you to express your understanding of climate change. You may just give its introduction, possible causes, and effects, and hence, conclude the essay.

If you go into detailed research of its factors, there are many research papers to include information from and often causes identified by one researcher conflict with that of the other. It may take you anywhere from 5 to 6 pages to cover everything sufficiently. So better keep the topic generic if you have a small essay to write, and specific, when there is more space to accommodate everything.

How to Start a Geography Essay the Right Way

A good geography essay begins with a clearly defined section of the introduction. Begin by giving background information about the topic. Try to answer the following questions:

  • Why studying the topic is important?
  • What parameters of analysis have you set for the topic?
  • What knowledge exists about the topic so far?

State the themes and main ideas in the order of their occurrence in the body of the essay. It’s the part where the writer explicitly states his/her stance on the topic in the form of a thesis statement. It’s the statement that comes right in the introduction’s end and reflects the entire argument or sums up the whole discussion made in the body of the essay.

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How to Structure a Geography Essay So It Has a Professional Layout

To decide the structure, there are two ways. Either follow the layout instructed by your teacher, if he/she has suggested any or follow a standard format based on at least 5 whole paragraphs. Of course, the first and the last paragraphs are reserved for the sections of introduction and conclusion respectively. It’s the number of body paragraphs that you are free to choose, but generally, three paragraphs between introduction and conclusion make for a professional structure.

To give your essay the best geography essay structure, it’s not only important to decide the sections, but also the length of each section. Ideally, all paragraphs including the starting and end are of roughly the same size. To ensure this, you are advised to divide the total word-count required by your teacher in the essay by the number of paragraphs, and whatever number you get, as a result, write that many words for each paragraph. For example, for an essay of 1250 words in total, try to have 250 words for each of the 5 sections. It will give your essay a balanced look and make it appear like all points have been sufficiently and equally discussed.

Geography Essay Introduction Paragraph – Guidelines with Example

You begin by writing the topic of your essay. In the next line, you start introducing it. You begin by providing background data. Universal facts or things and phenomena that everybody knows and has experienced are suitable choices for the starting lines. Here is such an example of an introduction for a geography essay between the weather of the UAE and Canada:


We are constantly affected by the weather. We make our plans according to weather conditions, checking the updates to learn when it will be sunny or raining. Lately, we’ve heard a lot of news about hurricanes and tropical storms. Being located in Dubai where it is generally sunny most of the times, I’ve learned that people need to be prepared well for rain and snowfall because the infrastructure is not very strong in that regard. Compare it to Toronto, where I used to live before, and we expected heavy rainfall most of the times.

You can learn from this introduction that it started with a sentence that has facts everybody can relate to. We all know how our plans are made by or are affected by weather conditions. So writing such statements is a possible way of getting the readers on board with you. After such statements reflecting universal facts, the discussion is led to the weather conditions of both places that are being compared. As you can tell that the author is using the first-person form in the paper, it’s an example of a narrative essay as well.

Geography Essay Conclusion – It’s Not a Summary

Don’t underestimate the section of conclusion at all. Just because you don’t have to insert any new information there, and you just have to sum up the arguments made in the essay’s body doesn’t mean it’s any less significant in any way. It’s one of the most important section because it sets the impression in the last, so readers are likely to remember it the most.

A substantial section of the conclusion pulls all argument strings together in a way that they are related to the thesis statement. For questions that require you to discuss or evaluate a geographic topic, you have to evaluate and sum up the findings in conclusion. Don’t confuse this section with a summary. Rather than listing every point discussed in the body, you write what can be understood or deduced from those points – that’s your conclusion.

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