What You Need to Know When Writing About Controversy

July 29, 2019

In a contentious composition, you argue for one side and not try to accommodate opposing sides. Instead, use opposing views to build on your argument by countering them. Your report ought to maintain a firm but well-reasoned out tone. You must strive for an academic tone that results from well-grounded reasoning and logical debate.

How to Write a Controversial Essay

Working on a contentious topic can be challenging because you have to convince your reader to agree with your viewpoint. Excellent argumentative and persuasive skills are, therefore, very essential when putting down this kind of paper. The best strategy to employ when writing a controversial essay is to put together your opinions and the facts and then persuade your reader to concur with your perspective.

While most essays on contentious topics are generally argumentative, it is essential to note that not all are. Some disagree or agree with specific issues that are not very contestable. They can also be expository. Remember that the success of your composition is dependent on your ability to confidently affirm your viewpoint on a contentious topic without fear of criticism. Here’s how to write your controversial essay explained.

How to Start a Controversial Essay

It is crucial that you answer the question ‘what is a controversial essay?’ before getting started on one. It is simply one in which the writer takes a stand on a highly contestable subject. The first step of any paper is choosing a topic. Pick an issue that you can argue for or against comfortably. You should be able to back it up with a valid argument and evidence.

The next step is conducting your research. Facts, analysis, statistics are crucial in a paper on a controversial issue. Proper research puts you in a better position to present your perspective on the subject. It is critical that you know all involved sides, possible arguments, and all angles.

How to Write a Controversial Essay Step by Step

Now that you have understood how to begin a controversial essay, you need to be able to structure and write it effortlessly. Here is the basic structure of a controversial essay

  • The introduction

First, create a hook. This does not mean that you use shallow sentences to draw the attention of the reader. Instead, layout issues of importance. Do not include irrelevant information. Let the introduction be straight forward and introduce the topic you intend to discuss. The thesis should also be part of your introduction. The thesis is your argument and not a fact but an arguable claim that forms the main idea for your paper.

  • The body

It contains your points organized in several paragraphs. Good organization is crucial; therefore, each section should focus on a specific point well explained and adequately backed up. State your arguments clearly. Take a single stance and support it using concrete evidence, facts, and various examples all the way. Do not deviate. Do not shy away from affirming your position boldly. You can use the compare and contrast method by showing the similarities and differences in your points.

Avoid logical fallacies because they misinform. Such misconceptions include hasty generalization where you create an assumption that if something is right for a particular case, then it must be so for other different cases. The either/or fallacy also falls here. In this case, one insists that there are just two views on a particular issue, yet there are many. Also, avoid red herrings that divert you from an argument.

  • Conclusion

In your conclusion, restate your thesis or argument. Summarize your perspective and appeal to your readers once more. Please note that your ending paragraph is not just a summary of your but an opportunity to provide validity of your argument and its relevance. Now you know how to write a controversial essay.

Tips for Writing a Controversial Essay

With all the above information, you can now comfortably prepare a composition on a disputable topic. There are, however, a few additional tips on how to write a good controversial essay.

  • Use reliable sources

Use only credible sources as you are working to convince your reader to agree with your perspective. A journal written by a university such as Yale is more reliable than a random website with scanty information. Academic sources add credibility to your writing as they go through thorough review processes before publication. Using reputable sources is vital so that you avoid factual errors. Ensure that you do not use an outdated sourced from the 19th century. Instead, refer to recent papers and studies. If a source is a bias one, you may also want to avoid it.

  • Establish trust with your reader

First, imagine the type of readers your work will be relevant to including those that may disagree with your point of view. By taking into account this, you will be able to establish credibility with a wide variety of people. It is crucial that your work is purely a healthy debate and not preaching. Provide facts and persuasive arguments that are well supported.

  • Avoid plagiarism

Plagiarism is merely copying someone else’s work and passing it as your own. Be creative. Write your work from scratch instead of lifting another person’s. Plagiarism discredits you as an author, and as a result, the reader will have no interest in looking at your work. In the case that you use direct quotes, then use direct quotation marks.

  • Proofread your work

You have probably heard this phrase over and over, but it remains very critical. After you are done, revise your work and polish it. Get rid of all the spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and tautology.

Preparing a composition on a disputable topic may have seemed very challenging, but with all these tips, you will realize that it is not so hard. You now know how to make a controversial essay that is sure to appeal to your reader. If you experience challenges at any stage of this process, reach out to a professional writer who is well-versed with academic assignments. We have a team of able writers ready to work on all your papers and deliver them just in time to meet your deadline. Do not postpone and call us today to get a last-minute essay writing service.