How to Write a Cause and Effect Essay Step by Step

April 17, 2019
How to Write a Cause and Effect Essay

Your cause and effect essay has to the reflective of the quality the professor wants for you to stand a chance to get a high grade. Consequently, you need to dedicate enough time for the task. Though it might take even days to come up with the best piece, it is worth it since your grade depends on the effort you put in the task.


Many students are often confused when it comes to assignments of this nature. They do not know where to begin or how to organize their content. Fortunately, some tips can help you maneuver through such kind of assignments.

What is a Cause and Effect Essay? Here is What It Entails

The worst mistake for a student is to begin a task when they do not have a clear definition of what it is. Normally, things happen around you. They do not just take place. There is something else that causes them to happen. The cause and effect essays are the academic papers that give an explanation as to why particular things take place (causes) and the final result that come up as a result of these things happening (effects). Just like the other essays, they have to be written in an organized manner such that the readers can find it easy to follow the information presented in the papers.

How to Start a Cause and Effect essay for the Best Results

Now that you already know the definition of these essays, it is now time to know the preparatory procedures that should be followed by the student to prepare the best final paper. There are those cases when the lecturer decides on the topic that you should write on. It is upon you to ensure that you fully understand the response that such a topic should have. For the topics that are too complicated, ask the professor for more clarification as to what is expected from you. There are those friends you have that understand things better than you. They can also give ideas on the response that you should give.

You can also be directed to pick on a topic that you are comfortable with. Most students do not like such a situation. You still have to work. The best thing is to have a list of probable topics. From there, you can begin eliminating one after the other until you end up with the one that works for you. It is proper to select a topic that you have some information about. Such a question is easier to write about, and you can complete your work faster. You can use the spare time to proofread the work prepared for a refined final essay.

The next step is to do your research on the topic you have chosen. Your research should begin from the lecture notes you have on the subject at hand. You can also brainstorm and write down the information you already have in your head. After that, go to the library and search for those books that have the content you need. It is vital that you do not get diverted since you may only end up not finishing the work at the right time. Take shod notes of the ideas gathered with the illustrations and the relevant examples.

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How to Structure a Cause and Effect Essay Expertly

Now that you have the content work on how to place all the information you have in the right place. How you organize your work determines if the readers can comprehend it or not. Just like the other essays, they also have three parts:

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

Cause and Effect Essay Introduction Paragraph and Body

In the introduction, you are expected to give adequate background information on the subject at hand. The attention of the readers also has to be drawn to the content of the essay by presenting an interesting question, a statistic of a funny quote. The last part of the introduction should be the thesis statement where you inform the reader exactly the ideas you intend to talk about in the essay. The length of the introduction depends on the topic, the volume of the work and the guidelines from your instructor.

The body is where the main content is. Depending on the topic, the structure of the body paragraphs may differ. You can begin with the cause of a happening followed by several effects. There are also several happenings that may result in one effect. Depending on the topic you have, it is upon you to decide on what works in your situation. There are those topics that may only sound proper when you talk about the causes and the effects separately. For example, when you have a question on the causes and effects of inflation, you can decide to highlight the roots first and when you complete you decide to highlight the results. Therefore, the cause and effect essay structure may differ.

Perfect Cause and Effect Essay Conclusion

This is where you give a review of the main ideas in your essay. As you provide a summary of your arguments, you should not sound repetitive. Finally, you need to give the final word on the topic. You should leave the readers with something to think about as well concerning the topic of discussion.

How to Write Cause and Effect Essay Expertly

As you write this essay, you should know that your language matters. You should use formal language. Professors do not want contractions and use of slangs since they do not sound scholarly. Moreover, the language should not have any bias neither should the language be insolent.

Clarity and coherence of ideas also matter. If you decide to talk about the causes first, ensure that you continue until you complete them before you move to the effects. That means that you should not mix up the ideas in the essay. That may piss off the readers.

Proofread and Refine Your Essay to Perfection

You cannot submit the essay in its current state. You need to proofread it and correct the mistakes it may have. However, you should not edit the essay immediately you complete it. At that time, your mind is exhausted, and you are likely to overlook your errors. Take a break for your brain to rest.

When you come back to the paper, you can view it from a different perspective and easily notice the mistakes made. So that you do not ignore anything in the essay, get off places where you are likely to get distracted. Your mind should be fully focused on the job.

It is always better if you read the essay loudly. When you hear your voice, it is easier to identify the flaws in the content. As you read the essay as a whole ascertain if the information contained is relevant. If there is anything that is off the topic, edit or remove it. This is also the time to check the formatting style that you have used. Ensure that is appropriate. Crosscheck that you have also followed all the instructions issues. All the sections of the essay should correlate.

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