30 History Essay Topics

April 22, 2019

When you have the freedom to pick a specific topic that you like, it may sound like a good idea at first. However, you later realize that the task may not be as easy as you first thought. To get the surety of a good grade, you need to select an excellent topic.


The Sources of Practical History Essay Ideas

Sometimes, it may be hard to determine the ideas that are likely to work for you. Many sources can assist:

  • Skim through your notes for a topic that is interesting for you
  • Check online sources for probable topics
  • Read books in the library for ideas
  • Get ideas from your friends
  • Consult the professor for topic ideas

Do You Know How to Select the Best History Essay Topic? Here is How

There are specific guidelines that you should factor in when you want to choose a topic. Selecting a topic of interest drives the motivation to prepare quality content. That is good for you. Moreover, things become better when you have information on the topic. You can write more coherent ideas in such a case.

The topic should also be rated to our course and the guidelines provided by the professor. There are those circumstances where the instructor directs you to pick a topic from a specific area. Adhere to that directive.

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Interesting List of History Essay Topics for You

History is an interesting topic. However, you can only have a better performance if you choose good topics and work on them diligently. By selecting or creatively editing some of these topics, you are likely to have better performance:

  • Factors that caused the Boer War
  • The process used in building the cathedrals
  • Morality and its role in Medieval England
  • The benefits slave trade had on the economy of Europe
  • The operations of the feudal system
  • Ways in which the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory exemplified social injustice
  • Reasons for the creation of national parks
  • The highway system and its influence on American culture
  • The role of lighthouses in the history of the Great Lakes maritime
  • The top battles in the Korean War
  • The living conditions of the soldiers that participated in the First Crusade
  • The role played by Shogun in the history of Japan
  • Buddhism and how it altered the Chinese Empire
  • The factors that led to the success of the Byzantine Empire
  • The Hindu gods and how they were organized
  • The operation Silk Road with the definite timelines
  • The conditions Slaves lived in when the Great Pyramid was being built
  • The events that led to the formation of the Roman Empire
  • Reasons why the Greeks defeated the Persians
  • The role of Plato and Aristotle in the reinvention of Philosophy
  • The strategies used in Alexander’s Conquest of Egypt
  • The construction of the Great Wall of China
  • Julius Caesar and the Attacks he initiated on Great Britain
  • The departure of Mohammed’s from Mecca to Medina
  • The changes in the use of trains and railroads brought in America
  • The Olympic events that people participated in during ancient Greece
  • The events that led to Cleopatra assuming power in Egypt
  • The women’s suffrage movement and its impact in America
  • Effects of the Cold War to the US economy
  • Julius Caesar and the influence of his leadership in Rome

Original History Essay Questions You Can Get

There are many questions you are likely to come across in the course of your educational journey. Here is a list you can check.

  • What were the main dangers faced by Lewis and Clark as they explored Midwest?
  • What are the similarities and differences of the Great Depression and the Great Recession?
  • What was the drive behind Marin Luther’s protest against the Catholics?
  • What were the causes of the fall of the Roman Empire?
  • How did Leonardo Thomas Edison change the world with his inventions?
  • What role did the African Americans play in the Revolutionary War?
  • What caused the China-Tibet conflict?
  • How and when did apartheid end in South Africa?
  • What was the role of the United States in the emergence of Panama?
  • What were the reasons for the halt in the use of gold standards in Britain after World War II ended?

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