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Frequently Asked Questions

What Guarantee Do You Provide?

You will receive a paper that adheres to all your instructions. However, we do not assure you of the grade you receive. Even so, all our writings are original. Our experts begin crafting from scratch, and we use Copyscape to check for instances of plagiarism. Besides, you have a right to ask for a refund, in circumstances where you receive a plagiarized paper from us.

What Are the Qualifications of Your Writers?

Our organization has more than 7000 experts with advanced degrees. Most of them have Master’s and Ph.D. qualifications, and they can work on a diverse range of subjects. Besides, we have experts who can produce quality SEO articles. They can also work on articles and ghost-writing projects. Furthermore, we assign the work based on the qualifications and experience of the writer.

How Long Should I Expect to Receive My Paper?

You are the one who will determine when to receive the assignment. However, it is advisable to give adequate time to our writers to craft your paper. This will enable them to do extensive research, which can allow them to collect data which can help tackle your homework.

Will the Essays I Receive Pass the Turnitin Detection Test?

Yes, you are guaranteed of receiving an original paper that passes the Turnitin test. For instance, we have a system that automatically checks the papers that our writers upload. This is irrespective of the length of the article. Be it a dissertation or a simple single-paged paper, you are guaranteed of receiving work that is 100% unique. This is achievable through a technology referred to the Rabin-Karp algorithm. It involves the breaking down of a paper into smaller blocks, which are then extensively searched throughout the internet. The results are the submission of an article that passes any latest plagiarism checking tool.

Are You Proficient in SPSS?

Yes, our experts can handle any paper that requires the use of this technology. We have writers who are specialized in the use of data analysis software. So, they are proficient in using any tool of analysis to handle your paper.

What is the Process of Selecting My Writer?

Our writers have the advantage of picking orders for themselves. However, they must have the knowledge and experience in the relevant field. Even so, when you place an order, we inform all our experts who understand the subject. The available professional will pick it, and begin working on the paper. However, our junior writers will need approval before they get the task. Even so, the people who work for us are well-motivated. So, they will always do their best to assist you.

What Result Should I Expect?

We do not guarantee that you will receive a particular grade. The reason is because of the different grading standards between universities. However, the level of writing we provide is 2:1. Even so, we assure you that our writers will adhere to all the instructions you give. Furthermore, you have a right to request for revision, if you are not satisfied with your paper. You can do that many times as possible.

Do You Resell the Papers I Receive from You?

The answer is no. Once you pay for the paper, it is yours. Besides, we do not have a database for completed assignments. This is unethical and can damage the reputation of our organization.

Who Is Responsible for Writing the Essays?

We have a large pool of professional writers who will craft your paper. Furthermore, we continuously recruit new people to assist with the tasks. Our experts possess Bachelors to Ph.D. degrees. Thus, they are highly qualified to help you with any intricate work that you may have. Besides, because we have a competitive recruitment program, we ensure that we hire only the best.

Will I Pay for the Reference or the Title Page?

No, you won’t do that. You will only pay for the actual content you receive from us. Bibliographic references and a title page are free of charge. Every writer has to craft a paper that satisfies the writing style that you want. On an ordinary occasion, your essay will comprise of a 250-word count. It, therefore, means that five hundred words for every two pages. Therefore, to get the number of pages you want, divide the words by 250.

What is the Reliability of the Service?

Satisfying your need is our top priority. Besides, we are one of the best writing companies in the world. Most of our customers are satisfied with the quality of service we produce.

Do You Offer Revision Services?

We aim at ensuring that our customers are 100% satisfied. This entails submitting papers that adhere to all your instructions. Thus, you have a right to ask us to revise your paper until you like its quality.

Can You Rewrite My Paper for Me?

Yes, we can. We have an option for rewriting services. Tell us the number of pages you want, and the deadline. We will deliver it to you before the due date. Nonetheless, while paying for the assignment, choose the editing/rewriting option.

Can You Follow My Research Paper Guideline?

Yes, we can. When you ask us to write your papers, we require you to provide all the details of your assignment. Our writers will use them to craft your essay. We assure you that the writing you receive from us will adhere to all your instructions. In case you are not satisfied, you can request for a free revision.

Will I Benefit from Any Special Discounts?

Yes, you will. We have a vibrant discount policy that targets all our returning customers. The discounts we offer starts from 3 to 15%, depending on the new orders you place. Each new assignment you want us to write about increases the level of discounts you can access from our writing company. For example, if you have orders worth $ 640, you may qualify for a discount rate of 6%. When you ask us to write a new paper, whose value is $ 100, then the total cost of your assignments will increase to $ 750. This will increase the amount of discount you get from us.

After I Receive an Essay, What Happens to It?

Once you pay for the service, the paper is yours. You will decide what to do with it. Even so, no third party will have access to the essay. However, the administrative staff may have a look at it, and this is a standard procedure aimed at ensuring your paper meets the required standard.

Even so, we do not re-sell any assignments we submit to you. Furthermore, we do not have an essay bank that allows us to recycle your orders. Engaging in such procedures is unethical, and may dent the reputation of our writing company.

How Will You Ensure that I Get My Paper Within Time?

When you ask us to write your paper, you can use your control panel to track it. Besides, you can initiate a conversation with your writer, for purposes of obtaining information on the order. This is the most effective and reliable way of monitoring the progress of your paper.

Can Your Writers Handle all the Subjects?

Yes, we have professionals who can write on virtually every topic. We have a vibrant recruitment policy that ensures we get regularly recruit experts who can handle various subjects on our list. We have approximately 1200 writers, and they are highly experienced. Besides, they have higher education in multiple subjects, and most have Masters and Ph.D. qualifications. So, we will get a person to work on any assignment that you have.

Can You Proof Read and Tell Me if My Assignment is Done Correctly?

Yes, proofreading is one of the services we offer. To know more about the services we offer, kindly contact our representative through email. Even so, you can look at the order page, and choose proofreading services. Also, identify the desired academic level of your write-up.

What is the Equivalent of the Grade 2:1? Is it a Bachelor’s or University level?

This depends on your level of schooling. If you are studying a Bachelor`s degree, then, that is the level of writing you should choose. Moreover, most of our papers are written to a standard of 2:1 or even better. Nonetheless, when making an order with us, we advise you to choose a level that will meet your expectations.

What is the Process of Paying for the Service?

We allow you to use the credit card to make the payments. Pay at the time you are making the order. Our organization complies with the PCI, and any sensitive information about you is submitted through the 256-bit AES encrypted technology. Moreover, we do not store the details of your credit card data. Nonetheless, if you are hesitant on using it for the online payments, you can pay manually. This is achievable when you contact our representative during the process of paying for the service. The professional will activate your order and process your payments.

What is the Format You Use in Sending Papers?

On most occasions, we use the word document to send your paper. However, depending on your assignment, we can use the Rich Text Format, Excel Datasheet, and the Power-Point Presentation, to do your work. Moreover, when we have multiple files, we can use the ZIP Achieve Format to process your order.

How Will I get the Assignment Once I Order for the Paper?

We will use an email to send you the paper. However, you can also get it in your control panel.

Will I get a Plagiarism-free Assignment, and One Which Will Not Be Resold?

Yes, we do offer custom written papers. They are original, and pass through the latest plagiarism checking tool to ascertain their originality. At no given time, will we resell your essays, and we guarantee total confidentiality. This is to the extent that we do not share your details with the writer. This includes your names and school of learning.

Do You Have Offices in the UK? What is the Contact Number?

Yes, we do have offices in the UK. Visit our webpage, and get the contact number from there. You can also chat with our representative, and ask them for this information.

Will You Do a Primary Research for My Dissertation?

Yes, we have experts who can do that. We have written many dissertations, and used the primary method of data collection, to produce the paper. You can always discuss this requirement with your writer.

Will You Write My Research Proposals?

Yes, we can help you with it. We offer various writing services, and you can choose this option when placing assignments with us.

Are You Proficient in Writing Questionnaires?

Yes, we have experts who can do that. We have a provision for it on the order placement list you will find on our site.

Tell Me the Reasons to Trust the Website

Our organization has an excellent reputation. Even so, we have a high number of satisfied customers, who keep coming back for the services we offer. Indeed, other custom writing organizations provide the services we offer. But, we are unique in the sense that we follow all the requirements of your assignments. Besides, we ensure that our writings are 100% free from plagiarism. Besides, once you purchase an essay from us, we won’t re-sell.

What happens if I don’t like the Paper?

Our writers will follow your instructions to the fullest. However, if you are not satisfied with the service, you can ask for a revision. This is a free service, aimed at ensuring that you get a paper that meets all its requirements.

What is the Distinguishing Factor that Makes Us Unique from Other Writing Organizations?

Experience is our key strength. We are an international organization that offers academic writing help to students in any part of the world. Still, we also provide services to our Australian clients. To achieve this objective, we have Australian and UK writers who can offer assistance to you. These are people who understand your needs and will deliver. Besides, we have a large number of happy Australian customers, who value our aid.

Do You Value My Privacy?

Yes, we do. At no time shall we share your details with third parties. Your financial information is safe with us, and we do not store your credit card details. So, we guarantee 100% protection of your private information.

Do You Have Any Guarantee?

Yes, we do. You are assured of receiving a paper that is of high quality. Our experts will follow all the instructions of your assignment and produce work that is 100% original. Even so, we guarantee that we would revise your paper for free. Besides, you can ask for a refund if you are not satisfied with the final product.

Do You Have an Emergency Line?

Yes, we have. Visit our webpage, and you can contact our customer representative for more information. Besides, the support staff is always available at 24/7, and you can get them through the live chat.

Am I allowed to Pay in Installments?

You can split your work into several pieces. For instance, if it is a dissertation, you can order for the introduction and the literature review sections differently. Besides, you can select your preferred expert to do it until its completion. In this manner, you will be paying in bits while monitoring the quality of your assignment. Nonetheless, in the future, we shall have an automated payment system that will pay for your work in bits.

How Will I ensure that my Paper is Original and Unique?

We have an automated system that checks your paper for plagiarism. This is a system that is popularly used by many universities, and it is highly reliable. When it identifies copied content, then, we will notify the expert. We will send it for editing, and the trace of plagiarism removed.

What Next After Uploading the Paper?

You are the one who will decide what to do with your essay. We will not publish, distribute, or resell the essay. That is against the policy of our organization.

Do You Write Custom Papers?

Yes. We write all papers from scratch. The writer will incorporate their ideas and thoughts when crafting your assignment. Besides, they will use all your instructions to produce the essay. We do not copy from any source, nor are they pre-written. Even so, we use reliable plagiarism checking software to ensure the originality of the coursework contents.

How Will I Pay for the Services?

You can pay through various methods. You can use your credit cards, wire transfers, or international money orders. You can contact our representatives in case you want more information on this.

What Format Will You Use to Upload My Paper?

By default, we use Ms. Word. However, depending on your instructions, we can upload a PDF, Power-Point of Ms. Excel files.

What is the Process of Placing an Order with the Organization?

This process is straightforward. Visit our site and click on the icon, “Order Now.” When you do this, we shall redirect you to the page where you can fill in the details of your task. Provide full instructions for the paper because our writers will use them to craft your essay.