Examples of Extended Essay Topics for Your Homework

August 14, 2019

Compared to normal essays, more factual backup is needed for good extended essay topics. This means that this work of drafting a properly extended dissertation requires considerably a lot of research and dedication. More so, this job requires more experimentation and critical thinking. With this kind of dissertations, it is important to know that all existing theories that are relevant and have facts known as substantiated. It also needs good topics in different categories and fields. Some of the examples on possible topics in the deferent field of study that can be used to write best-extended dissertations are:


  1. Why sunlight is important when it comes to photosynthesis
  2. The effect an organism can have with change in habitat.
  3. The difference between aquatic plants and land plants
  4. The possibility of remote pollination
  5. How the human brain is affected by various drugs
  6. How diseases are healed by plants
  7. The effect of climate on plants reproductively process.


  1. Different countries with their different trade policies
  2. The meaning of the industrial policy.
  3. The influence of Fiscal policy on the economy
  4. Fiscal policy Expansionary and the duration it takes to be used
  5. Spending and Taxes with ways of making them effective
  6. The size of the government sector in the economy and whether its justified
  7. The reasons why personal income tax has to go to the budget of the federal
  8. The processes of transfer payments
  9. Labor market instability and how it is caused by business cycles
  10. The reasons for the occurrence of the recessionary gap


  1. Racism and Racial Conflict that has occurred throughout the economy
  2. People with their Spirituality Attitudes
  3. Sexual and Ethnic identity
  4. How politics changed from ideas of social Darwinism
  5. The importance of the literary purpose of a language
  6. How our everyday life is influenced by media portrayal
  7. Empower women in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings
  8. The importance of learning English literature

English Literature

  1. The Fault in Our Stars” by John Green
  2. “Just Listen” by Sarah Dessen
  3. “Devil In Winter” by Lisa Kleypas
  4. “The Importance of Dance in Emma” by Jane Austen
  5. The difference between “Frankenstein monster” by Mary Shelley and Gregor Samsa from “Metamorphosis” by Franz Kafka.
  6. Noble traits and Noblemen: explained in three exemplary characters
  7. Religious imagery and Religion in “Wuthering Heights” by Emily Bronte
  8. James Baldwin explanation of racism
  9. Jane Austen exploration
  10. Inanimate objects in “Bell Jar” by Sylvia Plath

These are just a few ultimate topics for extended essays in History, English Literature, English and other subjects that we provide to our customers. When looking for essays of this type, the best advice that one can be given is on these kinds of topics is that he/she should pick a topic that they feel they have passion in it. The writer should ensure that the scope of their topics meets the page number that they are supposed to write. For instance, a high school student who is needed to compose a 3-page paper will not have the need to have lengthy research work. This means that one has to choose accordingly.

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What to Note When Choosing Interesting Extended Essay Topics

Extended essay writing is one of the main parts of the curriculum/ requirement for some diploma programs. The best-extended essay topics involve independent research, which is done by the writer on the given topics. The typical length for these papers is normally 4000 words even though 3500 words are sometimes accepted. To have a lower score on these essays can result in revoking the student’s right to qualify for their certificates. However, obtaining a good score in your essays makes up in the overall grading and thus affecting the final results.

Different college extended essay topics are submitted differently. Even though submission deadlines are usually set by IB, internal deadlines are set by the school. Work and preparation for these papers span various academic terms- submitting proposals, choosing topics, information gathering, writing a draft, receiving feedback from supervisors, designating supervisors, etc.

The Best Layout for the Extended Essay Topics for College Students

For the layout, there are six elements that are required:

  • Title page – the title page should have, research question, the title, category, subjects used, theme, the subject that it is registered and the total word count.
  • Contents page – this should appear at the starting listing subheadings and headings with the related page number whereby it is found on (all pages should be numbered).
  • Introduction – the introduction will describe the scope and focus of the research, the sources used, and the line of argument that is to be presented.
  • Assignment body – this part is where the good topics for an extended essay are to be discussed. Here is where analysis, discussion evaluation, and research are being tackled. Depending on the subject chosen by writers, the structure of the paper might change, but it is important that argument and evidence development is shown clearly with the appropriate order.
  • Conclusion – the conclusion paragraph shows the accomplishment that the research came up with, more so, the possible unsolved issues, open questions, and limitations.
  • References and bibliography – there are academic citation styles that students need to adhere to, which they use consistently (different citation styles may be needed depending on the subject field).

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