50 Descriptive Essay Topics

April 15, 2019
50 Descriptive Essay Topics

Sometimes students might be asked to compose descriptive compositions, yet they have no clue on how to write it. Distinguishing the different genres of the essay is simply a matter of discovering the goal of the writer. A descriptive essay is a composition that attempts to create a picture through the use of words. The author might describe a place, person, event or even a significant memory. While writing, you need to communicate a deep meaning through your texts. You are supposed to demonstrate and not merely tell.


Wondering How to Select the Best Descriptive Essay Topic?

To choose the most suitable topic, there are some steps you need to observe while preparing. First, you can look at ordinary events, people and objects around you. You will notice that there are many things you can describe in your paper. It is not a must that you must describe a complex phenomenon or object.

In case your instructor has assigned the topic, focus on making your audience see, hear, smell or even feel what you are describing. Use colorful words that can stimulate the senses. Also, think about the essay you are required to write. Is it a general overview, or an in-depth analysis of the subject matter? If it is an overview, then the topic would be easy to compose. If the task requires in-depth analysis, then the topic needs to be specific; narrow down to the particular element to be discussed.

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A List of Descriptive Essay Topics to Guide You

The list below can provide you with guidance on how some essay topics look like:

  • A description of one of your most vivid dreams
  • Describing your worst nightmare
  • A description of a cherished childhood memory
  • A descriptive essay on your favorite place
  • Describing a memorable train ride
  • Describe what the first house built on the moon would look like
  • Describe some of the places you enjoy visiting in your neighborhood
  • Describe an outlandish place that only exists within your imagination
  • Describe a family member or a friend’s house in which you enjoy spending your time
  • Give a detailed description of your ideal fantasy vacation destination
  • Describe your favorite store
  • Describe your best teacher
  • Describe a recently visited museum
  • Describe each of your family members
  • Describe one famous individual you would desire to meet
  • Describe an aspect of somebody you
  • The stages of human development
  • Describe a famous leader and the achievements made by the leader
  • Describe an individual you seriously miss
  • Describe a souvenir or an object you find very special
  • Describe a room within your home by highlighting the most significant items in the room
  • Describe one of your best outfits
  • What was your favorite toy when you were a child? Give a description
  • Describe your means of transport, g., skateboard, cycling, sneakers, your parent’s vehicle, school bus, etc.)
  • Describe your favorite furniture that you like relaxing and spend your free time in it.
  • Describe a place you would like to visit as a tourist
  • Describe the qualities of a true friend
  • Select a food item to consume; after that, compose a descriptive paper on its attributes, e., how it smells, how it looks, etc.
  • Give a detailed description of a smartphone to a time traveler from 1900
  • Write a descriptive paper on your oldest memory
  • Compose an essay on a memorable summer holiday
  • Describe an unforgettable event or concert you once attended
  • A special trip you once took
  • A particular moment that you shared with your family
  • A childhood friend that you miss a lot
  • Describe a moment you met a famous individual
  • Describe the happiest day of your life
  • Give a detailed description of your saddest memory
  • A moment that something completely unexpected occurred
  • Describe one of your most memorable education chapters, e., joining high school, college, etc.
  • Describe your most embarrassing moments
  • Take a look at a flower vase and accurately describe it
  • Describe one of your typical days at work
  • Compose an essay describing the people on the street
  • Give a detailed walkthrough of how it feels to be a stranger in the crowd
  • Describe the feeling of falling in love
  • Describe the feeling of owning a new car
  • Give detailed descriptions of your first house
  • Describe how it feels to move into a new city or town
  • Write a paper describing your worst enemy

Examples of Descriptive Essay Questions

To help you compose a better descriptive paper, you can take a look at the examples below for insight:

  • Can you tell us about your best restaurant in town?
  • Can you describe the different models of the Toyota Corolla?
  • Describe the person you consider a hero
  • Describe your favorite fishing spot/location
  • Describe the ways you use to enhance the productivity of your days
  • Describe the first book that gave you inspiration
  • What is the influence of musing on your mood?
  • Describe one of the most beautiful beaches you have ever visited
  • Describe the process of learning how to drive
  • Give a sound description of your favorite audio track

A List of Descriptive Essay Ideas

Sometimes it might be quite difficult to develop solid ideas on what to write in your descriptive essay. The following are some excellent ideas.

  • How it feels to be an alien in a foreign country
  • How it feels to walk down a quiet street
  • A funny memory
  • The feeling of being stuck in traffic
  • The thrill of learning a new language

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