75 Critical Analysis Essay Topics

April 17, 2019
75 Critical Analysis Essay Topics

Your topic what determines the approach you take as you prepare the essay. Also, it influences the final piece you make. When you select a great topic, you also create an excellent piece. Therefore, you should always be careful about what you opt to base your essay on.


Wondering How to Select the Best Critical Analysis Essay Topic?

This is a question that most students ask themselves. Some methods can help you come up with a great topic. First, you need a topic that is easy as it makes it easy for you to get the sources of information to complete the task. Secondly, take an interesting topic. This way, you can have the motivation to complete your work at the right time. Besides, you are more likely to write more persuasive arguments leading to the production of a more qualitative paper.

The scope of the topic should also be one that you can handle within the context of that specific essay. For example, if the topic is too broad, the information you get may not fit the paper. Deciding the information include in an essay may be hard. For the narrow topics, it may be hard to get adequate content.

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Comprehensive List of Critical Analysis Essay Topics

The topics below are carefully thought-out and can help you when you are struggling to generate one of your own:

  • The impact of doping in athletics
  • How video games affect children
  • Betting and its influence in sporting activities
  • How racism can be controlled in sports
  • How television has contributed to the growth of sporting activities
  • Drug abuse and its impact on teenage development
  • The contributors to juvenile delinquency
  • Why crime is prevalent in low-income neighborhoods
  • The influence of inflation on economic growth
  • Unemployment in developing countries?
  • Effective environmental conservation techniques
  • Controlling desertification kin America
  • How to stay safe while on a trip with your children
  • The impact of religion on morality
  • How fast foods affect your health
  • The importance of wearing uniforms in school
  • Peer pressure and how it affects the growth of teenagers
  • Controlling bullying in school
  • Effective methods that can be used to improve the education standards
  • How horror movies affect the psychology of children
  • The advantages of health insurance
  • The benefits of family stability in wealth creation
  • Why the poor should not pay taxes
  • Methods of controlling wealth inequality
  • How mass social media affect youth behavior today
  • Curbing cyberbullying in the modern world
  • The reasons for the increase in criminal behavior among the youth
  • How social media contributes to an increase in crime
  • How censorship affects creativity in music
  • Globalization and its impact on how the government initiates development policies
  • How job satisfaction influences the productivity of the employees
  • The impact of fashion on an individual’s identity
  • How nurses have contributed to the growth of the healthcare sector universally
  • Proper methods of increasing participation in Paralympics
  • The societal views of modern art
  • The anti-poverty programs that can work for developing countries
  • Reasons why there is an increase in the cases of obesity today
  • The influence of the stock market on investment
  • Practices that can help people save more
  • The benefits of the genetically modified organisms in fighting food shortage
  • The impact Facebook has on the entertainment industry
  • Cyberbullying and its impact on the mental health of those affected
  • Social media and its contribution to the increase in teenage suicides
  • How video games affect children’s’ concentration span
  • Calorie consumption and how they contribute to the cases of obesity
  • A description of the changes in gender roles
  • Stress and its effect on employee productivity
  • Corruption and how to negatively affects economic growth
  • How to travel on a thin budget
  • The psychology of teenagers and why they are rebellious
  • The things that drive people to alcoholism
  • How to get a family-career balance for a better life
  • The diet and how it contributes to cancer prevalence
  • Effective management of Anorexia cases
  • Why obesity is more prevalent in children
  • The importance religion has on the world today
  • Maintenance of safety as you travel with your children
  • Effective planning for hiking
  • The impact of artificial intelligence on future growth
  • Technology and its impact on modern warfare.
  • Air pollution and its health impact
  • Methods of soil conservation
  • The effective monetary policies in curbing inflation
  • The impact colonization had in Africa
  • Methods of integrating ex-convicts back to society
  • Controlling xenophobia
  • Reducing poverty in Africa
  • The effects of the war in the Middle East
  • The techniques that can help you budget better
  • Social media and how it has improved global communication
  • The impact of the increase in literacy on economic development
  • The advantages of social media to marketers
  • The methods of curbing teenage pregnancy
  • Internet addiction and how it affects teenagers
  • Dealing with global terrorism

Unique Critical Analysis Essay Questions to Consider

Here are some original essay questions that you can encounter:

  • How has technology transformed advertisement?
  • What impact does technology have on the improvement of the health sector?
  • Should teenagers be allowed to use birth control?
  • Should education be free for all citizens?
  • Can the government be relied on to fight corruption?
  • How does politics contribute to more division in a country?
  • Can longer jail sentences be an effective method of dealing with corrupt leaders?
  • Should alcohol be legalized?
  • Is social media to blame for the increase in the cases of teenage suicides?
  • Is there a relationship between literacy and economic growth?

Practical Critical Analysis Essay Ideas

Still struggling to generate your topic? Several ideas can assist you and make your task easier. Technically, these ideas give you the inspiration and creativity required to generate a topic. The ideas include:

  • What people say on social media
  • Your experiences with people
  • The subject you feel strongly about
  • Emerging issues like technological development
  • The things you feel should be changed

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