Controversial Speech and Essay Topic Ideas for Academic Assignments

January 3, 2019
controversial speech and essay topic ideas

When you have to write a controversial speech or essay, two things are likely to happen. Firstly, the teacher may provide the topic to write about, or you are expected to decide on the subject yourself. Also, the teacher is likely to give some guidance on the writing style to use.

If the instruction contains the option of picking the topic, ensure that you write about your area of specialization. Nonetheless, whatever topic you settle for, conduct a thorough investigation of the various sources containing information on the subject. More importantly, you should choose the subject you relate to and are passionate about. If you are still unsure, you can brainstorm for ideas with your peers or the teacher and research further to find a suitable topic for your essay.


With choosing a topic which you can effortlessly find information for, it will be significantly easier to include certain ideas that will persuade the reader to accept your ideas. However, do not be drawn in by the allure of selecting an overly complicated topic to impress the teacher. Instead, the option in such a case is to submit a paper that shows your mastery of the course material and the ability to follow the instructions.

How to Select the Best Controversial Speech and Essay Topic? Here’s How

The thing you have to understand is that selecting a topic for an essay or speech is a challenging endeavor that most students struggle with. Not to mention that the topic should be both relevant to the assignment requirements and also informative and interesting. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to choose an outstanding topic for your controversial speech or essay assignment:

  • Consider the audience

It is essential that you know who the readers or listeners are. Failing to understand whom you are writing to will make the process more difficult since you will not be able to deliver the right information that they are likely to comprehend and enjoy.

  • Have a clear goal

Before presenting the actual writing, you should have a clear image of what you expect your audience to get at the end of it. Do you want to give them to think about the issue or do you want them to agree with your opinion? Regardless of whether you are presenting an argument or you are trying to convince people, decide on the outcome of the work. Also, knowing the purpose before the beginning will make the research process easier.

  • Choose the topic you are interested in

If there is a topic that has always sparked your interest, then you should take this opportunity to write about it. The main reason why you are more likely to write a better essay or speech on it is that you already have your opinions on the subject even before writing. As such, you will only need to look for factual and up-to-date information to support your argument.

  • Understand all sides of the subject

It is essential to understand both sides of the subject you are writing or talking about. The thing is that seeing the big picture with the opposing opinions will help you be prepared for counterarguments and justify them with the help of valid arguments.

  • Mind the sources of information

When conducting research, make sure the information is credible, reliable and frequently updated. This will help you include factual information to support your arguments on the topic at hand. Also, ensure that all the info is properly cited and referenced in your paper. This will help you avoid submitting plagiarised content.

Outstanding List of Controversial Speech Topics You Can Choose From

Creating an excellent speech starts with picking a suitable topic. An excellent persuasive speech topic should, therefore, grab the attention of your listeners, inform and convince them through a strong argument. Below is a list of some currently controversial speech topics you can use:

  • Should HIV test kits be sold in drug stores the same way pregnancy test kits are?
  • Should parents control how much time their children spend on the internet?
  • Is genetically modified food an option to eradicate hunger in the world?
  • Should the LGBQ community in the United States be given more rights?
  • Should there be an atomic and nuclear weapon’s governing body?
  • Should inmates be given the right to vote?
  • Should the use of marijuana be legalized in the US?
  • Should health Insurance be free?
  • Should racial profiling in the United States be fought against?
  • Should scientific experimentation on animals be forbidden?
  • Should abortion be banned?
  • Should spanking be viewed as a mode of enhancing discipline among children?
  • Should mental illness be used as an excuse in a court of law?
  • Should alcohol advertising be banned?
  • Should alternative medicine be banned?
  • Racism and discrimination of minorities in the workplace
  • Should sex education be included in the school curriculum?
  • Ethical considerations on the use of stem cells from aborted babies
  • Should the legal drinking age be increased?
  • Should the same-sex couples have the right to adopt children?

A List of Controversial Essay Topics to Use for Inspiration

When writing an essay, you should mind that, unlike a speech, it is a written assignment. So if in the case of a speech, you can use gestures, the tone of voice, intonation, and eye-contact to persuade the listener, in essays these are the words and facts that matter. Besides, you should pay keen attention to the structure. A good controversial essay topic should be informative, convincing to the reader. Here is a list of interesting controversial topics:

  • Is torturing of suspects during interrogation an act against human rights?
  • Is Black Lives Matter Movement an opposition of Blue Lives Matter Movement
  • Should same-sex marriages be legalized?
  • Was America’s Invasion of Iraq justifiable?
  • Should genetically modified food be forbidden?
  • When is a deprivation of parental rights justifiable?
  • What is gender equality and how to achieve it?
  • Should the death penalty be banned?
  • Should people with a small income pay taxes?
  • Does corruption affect the criminal justice system?
  • Do jail terms help in reduction of crime?
  • Should the government regulate charity organizations and foundations?
  • Should the right to sue be limited to avoid a backlog of cases in the courts?
  • Is the government doing enough for the veterans?
  • Should political campaign funds be regulated?
  • Does journalism contribute to fighting with the corruption?
  • Does cultural diversity contribute to racism?
  • Is internet addiction a mental health issue?
  • Should student loans have any interest?
  • Detention as a punishment at school
  • Is “me too” movement a witch-hunt or a genuine movement addressing real issues?
  • Should every person be subjected to HIV testing?

A Guiding List of Controversial Debate Topics

When it comes to a debate, one is expected to be well-versed with the topic. The point is that the given format presupposes the real-time discussion of the subject and providing convincing arguments to persuade the opponents to support your side on a certain issue. Here is a list of controversial topics for debate:

  • Should the Supreme Court control judge appointments?
  • Should the funding for the construction of the US-Mexico border be sourced from the tax revenue?
  • Does the second amendment about gun rights require review?
  • Intervention by the military on foreign sovereignty countries
  • Is European politics changing toward popularism?
  • Should US attack countries to deal with terrorism?
  • Should the Immigration Reform be reconsidered?
  • In China becoming a dictatorship following the president for life policy?
  • Is the impact of globalization on developing countries more negative or positive?
  • Is China overtaking the United States economic supremacy?
  • What is the role of the church in advocating LGBT rights?
  • When should the freedom of speech be limited?
  • Does euthanasia count as murder?
  • Eradicating radicalization and terrorism
  • Trade war and sanctions on the world economy and businesses
  • Was the Saudi Prince involved in the killing of a journalist in Turkey?
  • Did Russia interfere with the US election?
  • Should the death penalty be disbanded?
  • Is torture a way of interrogating criminals in custody?
  • Should the countries restrict the number of refugees?
  • Was the involvement of United States in the Vietnam War justifiable?
  • Nuclear bombing in Hiroshima and Nagasaki
  • Participation of United States on the Second World War
  • Should housewives be paid for housework?
  • Should prostitution be legalized?
  • Should beauty contests be forbidden?
  • Is feminism justifiable?
  • Illegal immigration and border constructions

A List of Controversial Research Topics for Students

Here is also a long list of popular controversial topic ideas for research:

  • How to fight human trafficking?
  • Sex education in different countries
  • Hunting of endangered species of animal is a threat to the environment
  • Are children vaccinations a way to control the population?
  • Should the voting age be increased?
  • Should gambling be prohibited?
  • Violence in media
  • What should be the appropriate minimum wage for workers?

Popular Controversial Topics and Ideas for Your Speech or Essay

Here are some of the most popular controversial topics for students:

  • Should the animals be a subject of entertainment?
  • Is police racially profiling the minority?
  • What is fake news and what are the effects of fake news?
  • Should parents be punished for the crimes of their underage children?
  • Should school feeding be regulated to reduce obesity among children?
  • Does the government have the right for surveillance and invasion of privacy
  • The necessity of gender inclusion in the military
  • Should prostitution be made legal?
  • Is the rise of homelessness blamed on government policies?
  • The necessity to control greenhouse gases pollution
  • Fossil fuel regulations and tax increment to achieve climate regulations goals
  • Carbon emission from manufacturing companies and motor vehicles
  • What is the effect of waste dumping on the oceans to the marine system?
  • Ways to improve nuclear waste management
  • Was US action to withdraw from the Paris Agreement about climate justifiable?
  • Is climate change the cause of frequent hurricanes and tornados in the various part of the globe?
  • Should alcohol and tobacco advertisement be banned?
  • Should the driving age be raised to 18?
  • Should exams be replaced with a less stressful type of testing?
  • Should doctors disclose patient’s information to their partners?
  • Should medical and pharmaceutical companies be compelled to restoring forests if they get medical components?

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