101 Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

April 19, 2019
101 Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

Compare and contrast essay are written to show and to compare both similarities and differences of particular subjects, i.e., places, people, etc. This is done in the way of comparing and contrasting the particular subjects.


The subjects must be from the same category but different enough to be compared. The essay is majorly used to make someone make a preference of one thing over another. This should come out clearly in your essay without necessarily drumming up on one side of another subject.

What you are supposed to do is to let your comparison and contrast the differences and similarities make the reader settle on the subject of their choice. You should not help the reader to choose a side.

All in all, writing a compare and contrast essay requires you to come up with unique content. Then expound on the ideas to bring out the actual similarities and differences.

Learn How to Select the Best Compare and Contrast Essay Topic?

Naturally, your topic should be interesting to the reader. You should be able to select topic readers can relate to and even create a vivid picture of what you are bringing out in your essay. Make sure your subjects on the topic are different, but they come from the same category.

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A List of Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

This list is just but a tip of the many topics that you come up with. Have a look;

  • Expository and informative essay. Which one do you like most?
  • Do you like movies or music? Which one stands for you as an entertainment?
  • Football or rugby. Which one is more interesting?
  • What is the most efficient phone between Samsung and Apple?
  • Which is your favorite social media site between facebook and twitter?
  • How is the undergraduate degree and Ph.D. different?
  • Between your mother and father, who is your favorite?
  • Is it true weed is harmful to your health or forbidden medicine?
  • The headmistress and the deputy master which one is stricter?
  • Between a laptop and desktop. Which do you prefer?
  • Public transport means or private?
  • Dissertation paper or admission paper. Which is easier to write?
  • Concrete blocks or stone blocks?
  • World War 1 and World War 2, which one was more destructive?
  • Studying from home or attending classes. Choose one
  • Driving a manual car or automatic?
  • Day and night. Which one are you active?
  • A boy child or a girl?
  • Do you prefer entrepreneurship or working for some?
  • Diesel car engines or petrol?
  • A college degree or a university degree?
  • Online advertising vs. offline advertising. Choose efficiently.
  • Christianity or Islamic. Which one for you?
  • Hot or cold tea. Which do you enjoy?
  • Do you like coffee or tea?
  • Is tomato a fruit or a seed?
  • If you were given milk or water, which one would you choose?
  • Dark skin ladies and light skin ladies. Who is more attractive?
  • Plastic materials or metallic materials. Choose the most durable.
  • Religion vs. atheism.
  • Do you like open shoes or closed shoes?
  • Given to work in the country or outside. Choose.
  • To study or start a business?
  • Reading a book and listening to music. Choose.
  • White clothes and red clothes. What is your best?
  • Are you traveling by bus or train?
  • Formal outfit or casual look?
  • A cat for a pet or a dog?
  • A course in engineering or medicine?
  • Coke and Pepsi, which is popular?
  • American contractors or Chinese?
  • Do you like black coffee or white coffee?
  • Between earthquake and Tsunami, which one is worse?
  • The Korean language or Chinese language?
  • Home cooked food or take away?
  • Eating proteins and eating carbohydrates. Which one has more energy?
  • Religion vs. politics. Which one has more influence?
  • Tea or Milk?
  • Between the modern medicines and traditional medicines. Which are stronger?
  • If you were to play a musical instrument. Between guitar and piano. Choose
  • Between Arya and Lady Gizla in the Game of Thrones. Which one fights best?
  • Which one is the best club in the world between Manchester City and Manchester United?
  • What are the similarities the American football and rugby?
  • Love vs. hatred
  • Fictional books and documentaries. Which do you enjoy reading?
  • Marriage or Singlehood?
  • Business courses or science courses. Which ones are more marketable?
  • State the advantages and disadvantages.
  • Sole proprietorship or partnerships?
  • Physics or chemistry?
  • Choose between flying a helicopter and driving a Mercedes
  • State the difference between the English in America vs. the British version.
  • Life in the city or the rural?
  • Politics or religion?
  • Al Shabaab vs. Al Qaeda. Are they even common?
  • Compare between the African cultures vs. western culture.
  • War or famine. Which one is the worst?
  • Short sleeved shirts or long sleeved shirts?
  • Magic or witchcraft. Differentiate
  • A president or a king?
  • Peaceful demonstration and rioting. Choose the most effective for change?
  • Life in the inland or island?
  • The traditional mode of dressing or modern?
  • A relative or a friend?
  • Between fire and water. Which one is deadliest?
  • Emailing or calls. Which one is faster?
  • Which prophet was wiser between Joseph and David?
  • Thriller movies or romantic?
  • To travel by Water or by Air which one is safer?
  • Online publication or hard copy?
  • Between mediation and the court process. Choose the most effective case resolution.
  • Are vampires real or just fictional?
  • Rainy days or extremely sunny. Choose
  • Differentiate between the before the bob in Japan and now.
  • Convertible cars or crossovers?
  • Between hip-hop and spoken word poetry. Which one is dope?
  • The advantages and disadvantages of over studying
  • Compare the teaching in the Quran and the Bible
  • Should kids be a vaccine or not?
  • Polygamy or monogamy?
  • Earth or Venus?
  • A python or an anaconda?
  • Twitter or Instagram. Which is popular?
  • Floods or drought?
  • Red meat or white meat?
  • Google or Firefox?
  • Hollywood or Bollywood movies?
  • The typed letter or handwritten?
  • Landlines or cell phones?
  • Poet White Whitman vs. T.S Elliot
  • The English premier league or the La Liga?

Top Examples of Compare and Contrast Essay Questions

Check out these examples. They may be useful in identifying the best questions.

  • Which form of the ruling will you choose between dictatorship and democratic?
  • Do you like reading a novel about a movie or watching the movie itself?
  • Between the old traditional way of education and 21st-century education, which one is better?
  • What is different between modern trains vs. the oldest models?
  • If you were to join one. Between the Army and the Navy, which one will you settle for?
  • Do you prefer taking fruits in the morning or evening?
  • Which is your favorite between hip and RnBs?
  • Who is the most legendary in the football world between Maradona and Pepe?
  • Between men and women, who have been at the forefront in fighting for human rights?
  • What would you choose if you were to live peacefully in poverty but stressed in richness?

Some of the Compare and Contrast Essay Ideas

Any good essay has to be attractive to the reader, and good ideas contribute to this. Good ideas inspire writers to write well.

  • Political ideas
  • Religion
  • Sports
  • Movies, arts, and music
  • Social media

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