101 Cause and Effect Essay Topics

April 17, 2019
101 Cause and Effect Essay Topics

Topic selection is a critical step in essay writing. When you choose a mediocre topic, it means that you cannot rely on the quality of your essay to give you a high grade either. Therefore, experts’ advice is that you should be very careful when it comes to topic selection so that you do not disappoint yourself. With the use of a few tricks, the work should be easy or you.


Do You Know How to Select the Best Cause and Effect Essay Topic?

This is a question that troubles many students because most individuals do not know where to begin to get a suitable topic. The first tip is to ensure that the probable topics you have are related to your area of study. When you pick such, the information you include in your piece is relevant to your professor. Besides, you already know the subject and completing the work is easier. The information sources are also easier to get.

Internet sources are also nice platforms to get topics. Instead of brainstorming and wasting your time without a topic that can help you, it is better to look for reliable websites with topics that you can pick from. However, you should rephrase these topics because copying them may lead you to plagiarism offense

Start with a list of several topics. Begin by eliminating those that are too complicated for you to tackle adequately. Next, remove the ones that are too broad since it is hard to write all the information available on them. Cancel the ones that are too narrow since getting enough content on them is hard. Out of the final list of 3-5 topics, choose the best based on your assessment.

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A comprehensive List of Cause and Effect Essay Topics

While the list below may not be complete, it has a topic that you can edit or rephrase when you have your essay to write:

  • The effects of the internet of children development
  • The main causes of air pollution
  • Effects of alcohol on the nervous system
  • The causes and effects of domestic violence
  • Impact of listening to music on the mind
  • The negative effects of the earthquake
  • Ways in which drugs affect the human body
  • The effects of divorce on children’s’ development
  • Effects of the tsunami on the economy of the country affected
  • The negative effects of fast foods on the health of children
  • The causes of heart complications
  • The causes commitment phobia in men
  • The main Causes of miscarriages
  • The effects of sibling rivalry
  • Family vacations and their effects on how the family members relate
  • The effects of racial discrimination
  • The effects of overdependence of technological equipment
  • Negative effects of the internet
  • Effects of social media on family relations
  • The effects of globalization on economic growth
  • The causes and effects of the increase in unemployment rates
  • The effects of poverty in underdeveloped countries
  • The impact of global warming on food security
  • The effects of food poisoning
  • The effects of overeating
  • Explain the effects of population increase on food security
  • The effects of early pregnancies on education
  • The causes of inflation
  • The causes of currency depreciation
  • Impact of inflation on lending interest rates
  • The effects of cyberbullying
  • The impact of daily exercise on health
  • The impact of technology on education
  • Causes of teeth decay
  • Effects of excessive sugar consumption
  • Effects of excessive use of the computer
  • The effects of listening to loud music
  • The environmental impact of improper disposal of plastics
  • The effects of overexposure to cold conditions
  • The effects of deforestation
  • Causes of skin cancer
  • The effects of excessive use of marijuana
  • The effects of a sedentary lifestyle on your health
  • The effects of having low self-esteem
  • The effects of World War 1
  • The impacts of homeschooling
  • Effects of drug abuse among the youth
  • The effect of teachers on the life of the student
  • Ways in which divorce affects children’s school performance
  • The causes of religious discrimination in schools
  • Ways in which grading affects students’ self-esteem
  • The effects of computer use on the way people interact
  • Causes of stress among adults
  • Cause of increase in the cost of living
  • Cause of the high school drop-outs rates
  • Effects of part-time working while studying
  • Effects of cheating on education standards
  • Effects of cramming on students’ academic performance
  • Factors that cause learners to hate math-related courses
  • Effects of bullying on self-esteem
  • The effects of long vacations schools’ performance
  • The effect on learning in a single-sex school
  • The Main causes of noise pollution
  • Effects of the use of nuclear weapons
  • Effects of high tax rates on economic growth
  • The effects of poor hygiene on community health
  • The main effects of flooding
  • The main causes of road accidents
  • The negative environmental effects of mining
  • The impact of overfishing
  • Effect plant pests on agricultural production
  • The effects of consuming contaminated water on your health
  • Effects of video games on children
  • Ways in Which online classes improve access to education
  • Impact of playing candy crush on the psychology of children
  • The effect of convenient online shopping on the amount of expenditure
  • Impact of smartphones on business trends
  • Effects of social media addiction
  • Impacts of social media on relationships
  • Positive effects of using wireless technology
  • The impact of using technological equipment in surgical operations
  • The negative long-term effects of unemployment
  • The effects of sleep deprivation
  • The effects of an increase in the number of homeless people in the community
  • The causes of the increase in the cases of eating disorders among teenagers
  • Effects of excessive social media use in adults
  • The negative effects of an increase in illegal migration
  • The negative effects of sibling rivalry
  • The main causes of teenage rebellion
  • The effects of teenagers being sexually active
  • Reasons why fast foods are popular these days
  • The effects of the release of endorphins in the human body
  • Effects of music on the performance of an athlete
  • The causes of breast cancer
  • The effects of excess nicotine in the body
  • The effect of alcohol consumption on unborn children
  • The negative effects of abortion on the health of the woman
  • The negative effects of birth control pills on the health of women
  • The causes of cardiovascular complications
  • The main causes of skin allergies
  • The effects of excessive physical exercise

Important Cause and Effect Essay Questions

The questions below are good for those who want to know the type of essay prompts they may come across in the course of their academic journey:

  • What are the effects of poor management on business growth?
  • What is the impact of downsizing on business?
  • How does corporate restructuring affect business continuity?
  • Why do businesses decide to merge?
  • How does labor outsourcing affect organizations?
  • Do non-profit organizations have an impact on community development?
  • What are the negative effects of being a workaholic?
  • What is the impact of online marketing on business growth?
  • What causes of start-up businesses to fail?
  • How does stress affect medical workers?

Crucial Cause and Effect Essay Ideas

There are those times that you want topic ideas and you do not have any motivation around. These are the things you can look at:

  • Things that affect the community like pollution
  • What most people are talking about like the rise in insecurity
  • Poor leadership or corruption
  • Emerging trends like technological advancement
  • The things you have a strong opinion on

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