30 Biology Essay Topics

April 22, 2019

Before choosing a topic for any biology essay, the writer should take their time to brainstorm over a couple of topics before settling on one. There are many subjects in biology, and the writer should take care to ensure that the essay topic is completely pertinent to the subject.


How to Select the Best Biology Essay Topic?

There are numerous topics in Biology from which students can select their preferred topic when writing an essay. To get the best topic for a paper may require going through a couple of essay topics before settling on one. Additionally, it is crucial for students to come up with some pre-set specific questions which would enable them to end up with a great topic for their paper.

The List of Biology Essay Topics

Below is a list of some great examples of biology essay topics that students can choose from when writing their biology essays:

  • The existent relation between genetics and obesity: Is it automatic that an individual will be obese if they are born in a family-tree with overweight family members?
  • Is there an explanation for the statement, “Vaccination causes autism?” What is the connection between the two?
  • What are how alternative medicine can be useful in the illness treatment process?
  • Are there ways through which the aging process can be stopped or postponed?
  • Is there any justification for cloning?
  • The effects of miscarriage on the future likelihood of child-bearing for women.
  • Through what ways are epidemic diseases spread in the modern world?
  • Is it possible to alter the DNA?
  • What is the likelihood of finding a cure for cancer? In what stage is science today in trying to get a cure for cancer?
  • In what ways can technology be applied in curing diseases that are deemed incurable?
  • What is the likelihood of terrorist organizations using epidemic diseases as biological weaponry?
  • Is there a relationship between how human beings treat the environment and the increase of cancer prevalence in the populace?
  • Can love be considered as a disease or an uncontrollable spiritual process? In the process of falling in love, what are the biological factors involved? Can the process of falling in love be prevented?
  • In what way can human beings’ capability of controlling birth affect the processes of evolution?
  • What factors are responsible for causing mental disorders? In what ways can the environment affect the mental health of the population? Are the chemical reactions in a human body contributing factors to the development of mental disorders?
  • Are there ethical considerations regarding cloning? How cloning should be controlled and who should take responsibility for the entire process?
  • What diseases need the greatest attention in the present day? In what way can cells stemming impact the health improvement process?
  • What is the possibility of making people younger? If there is a possibility, should the practice of reversing aging be available for everyone or private?
  • Love: Spirituality or biology? In what ways can we control our emotions?
  • What is the next step for evolution? How did humanity evolve and for how long did the entire process last?
  • What is the possibility of occurrence of an epidemic that could wipe half of humanity in a short span? How can humanity prepare for such a pandemic?
  • What is the possibility of stimulating the human brain activity to work harder to super-human levels/
  • In what ways can studies on DNA help the fight against diseases?
  • What are the effective steps that could be taken in saving humanity from deadly attacks from flues?
  • How will the reversing of the aging process affect human beings’ mental condition?
  • Preservation of biodiversity: What are the reasons why humans should save endangered animal and plant species?
  • Discuss Poikilothermic temperatures of cold-blooded animals versus the homoeothermic temperatures in warm-blooded animals.
  • What are the benefits and costs of green building for the environment?
  • What is the scientific perspective on hypnosis?
  • What are the consequences of regulating birth control?

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Examples of Biology Essay Questions

  • What is the explanation for the sudden outbreak of salmonella in dairy products?
  • Develop a paper on the connection that exists between eating traditions and religious beliefs.
  • Produce a coherent essay on laparotomy.
  • Prepare a research paper on the fundamental biological peculiarities of the Ranunculus spp.
  • Prepare a critical essay on the subject of conducting experiments on animals.
  • Examine the pathophysiology of kids living with asthma.
  • An organization has manufactured an oral drug with an anti-hyperlipidemic. This drug supplier is one of the Asian countries. You are tasked with monitoring the clinical testing of this drug and submit a report to the medical board of your country. Prepare a report for the trial application.
  • Prepare a comprehensive program on how you would transport the kinds of medicine that are extremely sensitive to changes in the temperature.
  • Examine the elements in mobile phone devices that are responsible for causing reperfusion injury.
  • Explore all the forms and functions of accessory proteins that are responsible for transforming acting filaments into tight parallel and contractile bundles and other structures that look like gel.

Examples of Biology Essay Ideas

  • Previously incurable diseases which are currently curable.
  • The rarest health conditions and cases in the world.
  • Various forms of marine life.
  • The role played by hormones in the human body.
  • Significance of knowing the blood type in paternity tests.

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