50 Argumentative Essay Topics

April 15, 2019
50 Argumentative Essay Topics

The aptitude for composing different categories of papers is highly crucial in attaining academic success. Writing essays is a typical school assignment, requirement during college admissions processes and part of standardized examinations. Selecting the correct essay type to compose in response to a question is crucial in answering the question correctly. One common type of essays students write is argumentative essays.


This is a type of composition whereby the author needs to present a topic through the use of examples, facts, sound opinion. The goal is to convince the audience into accepting the author’s viewpoint. This essay type is also known as a persuasive essay. While writing, the author needs to give a balanced overview of the opposing sides of a particular argument. After that, he or she must succinctly communicate why a given viewpoint is correct, and the other is wrong.

Need Hints On How to Select the Best Argumentative Essay Topic?

The first step in selecting a topic is to brainstorm on all possible ideas about the essay. Choose a subject you are passionate about and also have enough knowledge in. Try as much as possible to avoid clichéd topics. As you write, be very specific and provide enough details.

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A List of Argumentative Essay Topics to Assist with Your Essay

The following is a well-curated list of essay topics you can utilize within your composition to attain quality grades:

  • The cultivation and retailing of tobacco must be legalized
  • The death sentence needs to be reinstated in all countries around the globe
  • Smoking in public places needs to be banned
  • The usage of alcoholic products must be controlled
  • The sale of alcoholic beverages needs to be prohibited past 11 pm.
  • All energy drinks need to be banned permanently
  • Drinking and smoking age needs to be increased
  • Was the industrial revolution only a Europe-wide phenomenon of the nineteenth century
  • What measures can be taken to help teenagers maintain a healthy BMI
  • The role of physical education within the school system
  • Does the participation within NCAA hurt academic performance?
  • What is the highest unbreakable record within sports?
  • What is the actual relationship between fitness, diet, and weight?
  • What are some of the negative effects of diets?
  • To have better control over health issues, people need to regulate their sleep patterns better
  • If the sport of golf still in high demand?
  • The debate on whether swimming is the best type of sport for cardio exercises
  • The controversy of using animal species for cruel experimentation and other research purposes
  • Should the destruction of rainforests be punishable?
  • To what level are electric vehicles a solution to the phenomenon of global pollution?
  • Was president Roosevelt right about the building of the Panama Canal?
  • Do you agree with King-Kong, or armies for that matter, who destroyed his word to study it via violent means?
  • The possible risks faced by the US in terms of the effects of rapid climate change.
  • The consequences of earthquakes
  • A discussion about tsunamis: The death waves
  • The beautiful forests of the Amazon
  • What species are supposed to be included within the Red Book?
  • Though what means can students add up to the movement of protecting nature?
  • The prevention of a third world war should be the responsibilities of the USA and Russia
  • Should the existing public school policies be altered?
  • Is gun control an effective solution in eradicating crime
  • Should states forbid same-sex marriages
  • If the current state of a society filled with excessive regulations?
  • A debate on the countries that rank highest in corruption
  • Are some political figures within the US government engaged in corruption?
  • Should those with physical disabilities be acceptable to governments
  • Becoming a politician: is it an art or an inborn talent?
  • Is it possible for anybody to be above the law?
  • What are the merits and demerits of monarchial governments?
  • The playing of violent video games needs to be prohibited
  • Does technology make people feel lonely and isolated?
  • The debate on whether YouTube employees need to monitor and delete comments involving filthy language
  • Are human beings becoming technological zombies?
  • Will it reach a point whereby there shall be zero technological advancements?
  • What are the influences of mobile phones? Discuss the pros and cons
  • Give a discussion on education and technology
  • Does technology limit our creativity?
  • What is the role of social networks in enhancing communication in the modern classroom?
  • Are modern humans over-reliant on technology?
  • Are online friends more beneficial than real-life friends?

A Comprehensive Guide On Argumentative Essay Questions

The list below highlights some of the questions that a student might encounter while writing an essay based on arguments:

  • First aid and general medical assistance ought to be free.
  • Humans are generally good at heart. Discuss
  • People need to spend less time on official work duties without an effect on their salaries
  • Social movements need the financing of governments
  • Parents should not control the lives of their kids above the age of 16
  • Cloning of any animal or plant species must be prohibited.
  • Is the concept of abortion ethical?
  • Do cross-cultural marital unions enhance racial and ethnic tolerance?
  • Is it fine for a lady to date a younger male?
  • What role should partner play in family and relationships?

5 Incredible Argumentative Essay Ideas

Use the below ideas to come up with a suitable topic for your persuasive composition:

  • A study into the pros and cons of online dating
  • The possibility of humans marrying robots
  • The concept of 2D, vs. 3D, vs. 4D. What is next?
  • The integration of computer chips into the human brain.
  • The legality or illegality of graffiti as art.

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