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Nowadays, lots of college and university students struggle from writing. No wonder, all these non-stopping assignments with burning deadlines can make anyone crazy. As you can see, numerous websites that provide different academic writing services. They hire writers all over the globe and offer you to get a ready-made essay. So, why should you choose us?

Kiss My Essay is not an academic writing resource. It’s a cozy team that consists of 4 people only. We are not college profs and there is no need to draw the wool over eyes you know. We are just grads who got used to college shit and know how to deal with it. Instead of showing off like other companies that outsource unknown copywriters, we focus on the real needs of today’s students. Let’s be honest! Most of you are just big lazy asses who bail on essays. You won’t even try to write this freaking paper until the very last moment. That’s when you come to us.

Other companies claim they have only premium writers who improve their writing skills all the time and blah blah blah. Well, forget about this pretentious bullshit! Who needs these Williams Shakespeares when you are about to miss a filing deadline? Are you going to get a Nobel Prize in Literature or what? A passable essay is the only you really need tho! Besides, we know how tight student budget usually is. Here is why we offer you cheap and passable essays that you will get in time.